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Vaginal Odor

Cause of Vaginal Odor

Unpleasant vaginal odor is often caused by bacterial vaginosis (BV). BV is not a true infection but an upset of the vaginal normal ecology. For example, if the water level of a river is running low, the number of fish would decrease and amphibians would thrive. This is called ecological shift. During BV, the good bacterium Lactobacillus decreases, but the unwanted bad bacteria increase. The cause for such an ecological shift is not clear, but risk factors include antibiotic use, douching, hormone reduction due to menopause or pregnancy, and change of sexual partner.

Why do antibiotics and home remedies often fail?

Vaginal odor is thought to be caused by the overgrowth of undesirable bacteria, and thus is often treated with antibiotics to kill these bacteria, but antibiotics do not always work. Continuous use can cause side effects, such as yeast infection. Let us use the river analogy again. Killing of the “amphibians” (bad bacteria) does not increase the number of fish (good bacteria) if the water level in the river is running low. Home remedies for vaginal odor include douches and Lactobacillus capsules. Research found that douche often causes BV because it disrupts vaginal ecology. Lactobacillus capsules deliver live friendly bacteria to the vagina. Theoretically it should work, but in reality it often does not. This is like putting more fish into a river in order to outnumber the “amphibians,” but if the water level in the river is running low, all added “fish” will soon die out. Overall, there are few truly effective products for vaginal odor.

How does NeuEve work?*

A major reason for vaginal ecological imbalance is caused by the lack of available nutrients for the “good” bacteria. By supplementing the right combination of nutrients (prebiotics) for the “good” bacteria, the dominance of the “good” bacteria can be restored. This may result in the elimination of vaginal odor in some women. For example, to restore the previous, normal ecology of a dried river, in which fish diminishes and amphibians dominate, the best way is to increase its water level. This can result in more “fish” and less “amphibians” naturally. Killing “amphibians” (bad bacteria) or adding more “fish” (good bacteria) into the dried river may not fix the problem or may provide only temporary solution. On the other hand, customers reported that the effect of NeuEve is rapid. In less than 24 hours after using the first suppository, vaginal odor diminishes. The NeuEve special patented formulation allows extended and timed release for up to 7 days. This makes the formula more convenient to use due to its long-lasting effect. Continuously using the product will help keep good vaginal health.*

Which formula is right for me?

The right formula depends on age.
NeuEve Silk is milder than NeuEve Silver, and is designed for women with severe dryness and atrophy.
Tip: For women with advanced vaginal dryness, using Cream daily plus the Silk formula twice/week works well.
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Frequently Asked Questions: How do I select the right NeuEve suppository formula?

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Difference between Silk, Silver, and Gold Formulas
Silk (Mild) Silver (Advanced) Gold (Expert)
Effect Mild Moderate Strong
Suitable for Recovery Recovery & Maintenance Maintenance
Each lasts 3-4 days 5-6 days 7-8 days
Supplies per Month 8 6 4
Ordering à la carte
NeuEve Silk Formula (1 month supply)
8 suppositories / pack

4.0 Stars on Amazon 4 stars
Amazon Reviews of NeuEve Silk
NeuEve Assorted Formulas (1 month supply)
7 suppositories / pack
(4 Silks, 2 Silvers, 1 Gold)

3.5 Stars on Amazon 4 stars
Amazon Reviews of NeuEve Assorted Formulas
NeuEve Silver Formula (1 month supply)
6 suppositories / pack

4.4 Stars on Amazon 45 stars
Amazon Reviews of NeuEve Silver
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NeuEve Cream (2-3 months supply)
0.7 oz

4.1 Stars on Amazon 4 stars
Amazon Reviews of NeuEve Cream
NeuEve Gold Formula (1 month supply)
4 suppositories / pack

3.5 Stars on Amazon 4 stars
Amazon Reviews of NeuEve Gold
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If you have severe dryness, you
should order the mild Silk formula first.
Suppository Applicator, Reusable
  • Makes the use of suppositories easier
  • Made of plastic
  • Rinse after each use
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