Testimonials for NeuEve BV Clear

The following is feedback we have received from real nurses:

  1. "As a Nurse Practitioner, I can say I am so impressed with this product. I have recommended it to patients who did not want a prescription for their BV, and have used it myself. The trick is that it must be a true diagnosed BV, like Gardnerella, to work."

  2. "I suffered from mild dryness and BV ever since I turned 50 now I'm 52. Estrogen patches and pills did not work for me but I was determined to find something since I am in a loving relationship with a 34 year old man! (need I say anymore...) I found this product 2 months ago and started with the silver since I was not having painful sex. I immediately noticed feeling lubricated from the inside out and I stayed that way for 5 days. Sex is beyond amazing and we make love twice a day sometimes more! So I decided to order the gold formula and had trouble receiving my package in fact I didn't receive it. I called NeuEve customer service and who answers the phone? Dr. Chang herself the founder of this amazing product! She helped me track my product and when I still didn't receive it she shipped me more free of charge. She also sent me a personal Email to check on me a few days ago to make sure I received it! Change your life and try this product as a nurse of 28 years, I have never experienced such a transformation ever!,"

  3. "SO happy to have found this! As an RN, I've always been reluctant to use antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. Since BV is actually not an 'infection', but an imbalance in normal flora, this product has been such a relief to find. I had recently fought an episode of BV for well over a month, miserable and mortified by the odor that would quickly return, despite showering twice a day. (SO embarrassing!) I desperately tried other brands of suppositories, folic acid and Vitamin C tablets by mouth, douching with vinegar and water, etc., with no success. The NeuEve product worked almost immediately to finally eliminate the odor and start the 'rebalancing' process. Then the first of the 3 NeuEve suppositories afterward. 3 (and then 6) nights later I used one of the other 2 suppositories. This combination finally allowed me to see a return to 'normal' life. I would recommend using panty liners each day as needed after the suppositories are used, since there may be some light discharge, but this is usually only needed on the first day. I'm going to keep NeuEve on hand from now on so I can start treatment myself right away if I have any future issues, without having to resort to harsh, expensive medications or waiting for doctor appointments."

The following is feedback we have received from real people:

  1. "I'd just like to say thank you!!! I've suffered for several years with BV and vaginal dryness. I've been prescribed everything under the sun from my physician and have tried many home remedies. Nothing has worked!!! Also, my physician failed to tell me that BV can be caused by perimenopause and vaginal dryness. When I stumbled upon your website while looking for yet another home remedy, I read your home page and thought wow, my symptoms are right there!!! So I took a chance and ordered the BV Clear and the Silver. From the time, I used the first suppository, I felt relief!!!! and the odor and itchiness are gone!!! I have never written a review or emailed anyone about a product but I just had to do this because I am eternally grateful to your company for making such an amazing product!!! My struggles are over!!!! Again, thank you so very much for taking this problem seriously and making a product that truly works!!!!! There are a lot of women out there suffering the way I have and I will without a doubt recommend your product to any woman!!!!!! This has really changed my life!!!"

  2. "It worked for me. I was skeptical.. given the range of reviews here. I think it's expensive (only if it doesn't work).. lol. I considered it somewhat of a bargain- since I didn't have to go to the Dr's office (waste of 1/4 -1/2 of my work day & that would have been a $15 copay) & then go to the pharmacy for antibiotics. This happened once before to me & I did get antibiotics & it took a few days for the itching & odor/discharge to go away. This stuff worked the next day. It didn't all get absorbed - so some came out for the next 24h or so after the suppository ... but it was really only when I urinated (but I wore a pantiliner 'just in case'. Now, it's a week later & no return of itching or smell or discharge... so, I'm hoping I'm all good. I'm trying to keep up my diet with the yogurt with the live cultures... don't know if that helps for this... but seemed like a reasonable hedging of bets."

  3. "I have had itching and resulting burning from the constant itching, which are symptoms of BV and vaginal atrophy, I also had a horrible darkening of my vagina and painful intercourse. I also have symptoms and signs of Lichen Sclerosus. I ordered the product to see whether I could get rid of this horrible nightmare of a year and half of itching. I waited until I completed the 3 suppositories before writing a review so that I could give an honest assessment of how this product worked for me. I completed the full BV Clear, using one suppository every 3-5 days (with a break between for my menses). On the first night, due to the damage from scratching it burn and was irritated for about a minute or so. On the outside areas that burned I wiped with an unscented, lint free wipe. After the sensation subsided I was so overjoyed! The itching minimized and the product felt like it was “working” and I was able to fall asleep without scratching myself raw, my vagina also felt different, as if blood was circulating around the area and plumping it up. After my menses, I used the 2nd suppository. There was no burning and the itching was still progressively getting less and less (this was far better results than the medications that I was prescribed that didn't do anything but burned constantly with no relief from the burning or itching). I used the last suppository and there was no burning except in areas where I had irritated (and areas where the LS bumps were). But even in those areas the bumps were not as pronounced or itchy or painful as before. After using the 2nd suppository, I realized that my prayers for relief were answered and I immediately ordered another BV Clear AND the NeuEve Assorted Suppository Kit and the NeuEve cream. My only regret (in my haste to try anything that may have worked for me), I didn't order the NeuEve vulvar itching Cream in my first order, since I still had itching around my vulvar and believed that may have helped me also to completely stop the constant itching whiles using the suppositories."

  4. "My results are very good and I would definitely use and recommend this product. I can report that my vagina began lubricating itself after the 3rd and final suppository, my vagina’s color is lightening somewhat and most importantly…THE ITCHING IS ALMOST GONE!! I believe the vulvar cream is the only thing that was missing in my first try of the product, so I recommend that you get the cream along with the formula."

  5. "If you are suffering and the prescribed BV meds are not working…please, please give the NeuEve formulas a try. I am not a doctor, but if you have LS, you should also try these products, as they seem to be helping with this issue also. I will be ordering NeuEve to keep on hand. Thank you for such a wonderful product that is working beautifully for me."

  6. "I am a young cancer survivor that was forced into menopause early from my cancer treatments. This is the only product that has worked long term for me. I struggled with BV issues for some time and obviously vaginal atrophy from pelvic radiation, since using this product I have not had one single reoccurrence of BV. I have since recommended this product to a few of my friends all of who are either pre or post-menopausal with similar issues (odd odor, less natural lubrication) and they all seem to love it and also recommend it. I will say initially I was skeptical, I have been using this for about 6 months and my honest opinion is that this product is exactly what the packaging states. Please keep in mind I produce no natural hormones and have been in hormone replacement therapy for 5 years, nothing has worked as well as this product. It's safe, effective, and works quickly."

More testimonials from real people:

  1. " These have helped break my cycle of BV and Yeast! Along with Balance Complex for women, the cycle is broken and I am back to normal. Hallelujah! "

  2. " Great product worked immediately literally lol. I was only experiencing the foul smell and it cleared it up right away. "

  3. " So happy I purchased this. This worked immediately. I was experiencing some girly discomfort and after reading the reviews I decided to purchase this product. By the second day I noticed a big difference. The bacteria smell immediately disappeared and I'm even thinking about using this every other month as a routine after my period. "

  4. " Product works really good, had no side effects and does start to work immediately. Great product so far! "

  5. " This stuff is awesome. Since the birth of my second child, BV is almost constant. I've used two different prescriptions in pill, gel, and ovule form. Nothing worked for long. One pack of these cured it and I use one dose a month to keep it gone. "

  6. " This product works very well. It takes away all my symptoms. It is the only thing that has worked for me. "

  7. " No longer a skeptic. This product WORKS ! Worked as promised. Avoided an expensive drs visit. No recurrence! Would recommend highly. "

  8. " I was a little skeptical but this stuff works! "

  9. " This product works way better than what my gynecologist prescribed me!!!! "

  10. " NeuEve is legitimate! It works, and fast. I've tried lots of home remedies and even prescription drugs, but none handled the issue faster and more effectively than NeuEve. Don't suffer in silence or wrestle with a doctor who keeps prescribing the same old antibiotics and hormone treatments that simply don't work. Get NeuEve today!!! "

  11. " This product really worked for me...I was having an unpleasant odor and it helped after one suppository use and it was completely gone after two suppository...I found it easy to use and easy to insert...it has a pleasant smell as well... Definitely will buy it again if I ever need. "

  12. " I love this product! It totally worked for me. I tried lots of other products & remedies, with little luck. Including 3 different prescriptions. This cleared up my bv just as promised. I've purchased again in case it's needed again. Would definitely recommend! Much cheaper than visiting the dr, less embarrassing too. "

  13. " Awesome Product!!! I have been fighting BV for a little over a month from long term antibiotics. My Dr. kept subscribing more antibiotics to treat BV and it never went away. After some research, I found NeuEve and will definetely tell my Dr. about this. My BV has cleared and I will continue with the NeuEve Gold for maintenance. I am SO happy I found this product! "

  14. " My daughter was cured by using this product! Godsend!!! "

  15. " Worked wonderfully for me. It got rid of the smell and slight irritation (feels like a yeast infection) I usually get whenever I get BV right after the first one. It is messy once it melts, but I rather deal with the mess than deal with BV. Totally will buy again if needed. "

  16. " This product is the most effective one of all I've tried. Fast and easy. Highly recommended. "

  17. " Love this and this will be my go to solution ...I'm on my second insert and let me say that after just the first one the discharge stopped and no more odor or any signs of Bv! Love this and this will be my go to solution if it should ever return! Awesome product esp after trying tons of home remedies and antibiotics that didn't work. "

  18. " Great product! Was cleared just after one suppository. First time getting a bv ..only sign I had was the unpleasant smell. "

  19. " My BV causes UTI. this is the only thing that breaks the cycle for me. "

  20. " I am so happy to have found NeuEve. I have been suffering from BV after some long-term antibiotic use. I ordered silver after some research on vaginal atrophy. I also found that NeuEve has a product BV Clear. These products are a life saver!!! After just one use the BV has cleared! My Dr. kept prescribing more antibiotics to treat BV and they never worked. I am so happy to have found NeuEve! I will continue with the silver and gold! "

Disclaimer on Testimonials:

  • The testimonials presented on any of our website are applicable to the individuals depicted only and may not be representative of the experience of others. The testimonials are not paid and are not indicative of future performance or success of any other individuals.
  • Testimonials appearing on this site are actually received via text submission. They are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of those who have used our products in some way or another. However, they are individual results and results may vary. We do not claim that they are typical results that consumers will generally achieve. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products.
  • In addition, these testimonials are not intended to make any claims that this website and/or the products sold here can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
  • All product reviews / testimonials / success stories are the sole opinions, findings or experiences of our customers. We do not "suggest" or "coach" the wording of them - and we do not pay for testimonials or reviews.

Recommended use for BV relief*

  1. For premenopausal women and early menopausal women (or age younger than 55), NeuEve BV Clear can be directly used for BV relief.

  2. For postmenopausal women (or age older than 55), they could be sensitive to BV Clear. It is recommended to start with the milder NeuEve Silk Formula for 1 month. If it does not clear BV symptoms completely, BV Clear can be used next.

  3. Bacterial vaginosis (BV) has many symptoms, including fishy odor, discharge, burning and itching. Some symptoms can be confused with symptoms of yeast, trichomoniasis, and other sexually transmitted infections. Therefore, BV is often misdiagnosed. After using one box of the NeuEve BV Clear, if symptoms are not improved, your condition might not be BV and it is recommended that you visit a gynecologist for a checkup. If symptoms are improved, but not completely cleared, you may need to use a second pack of BV Clear until symptoms are cleared.

  4. For women with recurrent BV, 2 packs of BV Clear are recommended. The first pack clears BV symptoms, and the second pack can help stop BV from coming back.


NeuEve BV Clear are natural vaginal suppositories developed by a gynecologist. One pack of BV Clear has 3 suppositories. If you are premenopausal (or younger than 55), you can use BV Clear directly. If you are postmenopausal (older than 55) or have had hysterectomy or cancer therapy, you may have vaginal atrophy and be sensitive to the BV Clear if used upfront. Please use the milder NeuEve Silk for one month to build tolerance. After one month on NeuEve Silk, if you still have BV symptoms, you can use BV Clear.

For detailed instructions, please click here.

What does BV Clear do?

Each pack has 3 vaginal suppositories. It can clear a single episode of BV and recurrent BV.

If you only have a single episode of BV, the first suppository of NeuEve BV Clear often clears the symptoms in less than 24 hours. After 3 days, use the 2nd suppository (even if your symptoms are completely cleared). Use the 3rd one either 3 days later, or the 2nd day after your next menstrual period. After BV is cleared, using one or two additional vaginal suppositories will provide more assurance that the odor will not return.

If you have recurrent BV, especially after prescription antibiotics, you may need two packs of BV Clear. Use first pack to clear BV and the second pack to stop BV from coming back.

Who's BV Clear For?

BV Clear is designed for women younger than 55.

For women who are over 55 or have been post-menopausal for over 10 years or are experiencing vaginal atrophy, we recommend they order NeuEve Cream to use in conjunction with NeuEve Silk for 1-4 months before using BV Clear.

NeuEve does not contain any estrogen, progesterone, herbs, or drugs. That makes NeuEve perfect for women wanting to avoid hormones, (such as breast and ovarian cancer survivors and previvors), and for women who prefer to live a natural lifestyle.

How do I get rid of recurrent BV?

If you have recurrent BV, good maintenance is important to help stop BV from coming back. After BV is cleared, you can use another pack of NeuEve BV Clear, starting the second day after each menstrual period is cleared. Use once a week even if you do not have any BV symptoms. Continuously using BV Clear for maintenance can help stop BV from coming back. If you do not see BV coming back for 2 months, the recurrent BV may be gone for a long time.

How do I know if what I have is BV?

BV has many forms. Some have a fishy odor, and others have just discharges. NeuEve works well to clear the type with fishy odor because when the odor is cleared you know it is effective. But for the type with just discharge, NeuEve may still work but we cannot guarantee its effect as many other conditions, such as yeast and Trichomoniasis, can also cause discharge.

What about conditions besides BV?

NeuEve cannot clear symptoms caused by other conditions. If symptoms persist, things other than BV may be involved. You need to visit a gynecologist to have a checkup.


Organic palm oil* , organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, organic tapioca starch, organic potato starch, evening primrose oil, organic sea buckthorn fruit oil, organic lavender essential oil, organic orange oil, organic vitamin E (d-α tocopherol), and a proprietary blend of nutrients.

NeuEve is drug-free, herb-free, and preservative-free. NeuEve does NOT contain any boric acid, petrochemicals, parabens, BHT, T.E.A, M.E.A, urea, glycols, PEG's, etc. NeuEve has never been tested on animals , and does not contain any animal products.

NeuEve is manufactured locally and sustainably in small-batches in Chicago, IL, USA, with care and tenderness.

1% for the Planet Seal
No Chemical Seal
Leaping Bunny Seal
Made in USA Seal


For vaginal use only. Stop use and wash thoroughly to remove the suppository if suspected allergy occurs (such as itching and excessive discharges).

Stop use and consult with your doctor if:
  • Symptoms persist after the initial dosage of 8-12 suppositories
  • You have pain or tenderness in the lower part of the abdomen and pelvis
  • You have vaginal discharge or bleeding, chills, nausea, or fever
  • You (or your sexual partner) have sores or ulcers
  • You have an STD (sexually transmitted disease) or PID (pelvic inflammatory disease)
  • Your vaginal discharge is an unusual amount, color, or odor
  • You have frequent and painful urination
  • If use results in pain, soreness, swelling, redness, itching, or irritation.

Important Notice:

NeuEve suppositories are not contraceptives or drugs of any kind. They do NOT protect against any communicable diseases. There is no data available for compatibility with latex condoms. As a precautionary measure, you should not use NeuEve if you use latex condoms. If you are pregnant you should ask a health professional before using this product. If the NeuEve is accidentally eaten or swallowed, it is not a problem, because it is fully plant-based and food grade and should be safe even though it may taste bad.


Store the product in a cool, dry place (4 – 20°C). Keep it away from heat, direct sunlight, and the reach of children.


Vaginal odor, dryness, appearance of atrophy, or painful intercourse (dyspareunia).

Directions for use:

Use 1 NeuEve Suppository every 3-4 days.

  1. Use restroom to empty bowels or the bladder. Wash hands with soap and water.
  2. Tear a single suppository apart from the group.
  3. Instruction for opening suppository.
    1. Find the bullet point.
    2. Feel two open wings.
    3. Peel it open.
    4. If hard to open, use a nail clipper or scissors to cut along dotted lines.
    5. Peel it again.
  4. Find the bullet point of the suppository. It has two opened wings.
  5. Peel open the suppository shell.
  6. Lie on back, raise knees and gently insert the suppository with a finger and push into the vagina as far as it will comfortably go.
  7. Stay in this position for about 15 minutes, or until the suppository melts.
Using at bedtime is desirable. Do not use during menses.

For more details of suppository application please see :

Notes about NeuEve BV Clear*

  • Natural remedy of vaginal odor, foul smell, and other discomforts associated with bacterial vaginosis (BV).

  • All natural, organic, green, and plant-based ingredients. No drugs, no antiseptics, no chemicals, no preservatives, no herbs, and no hormones.

  • Research found that douches and antiseptics (e.g., vinegar, boric acid, borax, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda) may not clear vaginal odor; they can cause more vaginal odor and BV by disrupting vaginal ecology.

  • As a natural product, NeuEve does not make any claims, but customers say that NeuEve clears vaginal odor rapidly, even recurrent vaginal odor.

  • Tired of vaginal odor? Try NeuEve BV Clear.

  • Say "goodbye" to vaginal odor for good!

  • About 90% customers reported clearance of BV with BV Clear. This is not a bad rate of success because nearly all these women have tried other things under the sun that did not work before trying NeuEve.

  • A product for vaginal odor relief cannot be “one-size fits all.” It is normal that NeuEve works for some but not others. Customers say that the type of BV with a typical fishy odor often responds well. For those do not have the fishy odor, NeuEve may still work but the likelihood of success may be lower.

  • After trying NeuEve BV Clear and the odor persists, please visit a gynecologist for a checkup. Other things, like yeast and trichomoniasis, can also cause odor.

  • For post-menopausal women with itching and burning, combining the use of NeuEve Cream helps achieve better relief.

  • Use 1 in every 3 days (or twice a week). In most cases, odor may be cleared with 1-2 suppositories. Once odor clears, using one NeuEve suppository after menses may help maintain good vaginal health.

What is bacterial vaginosis?

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is a syndrome (a set of signs and symptoms) caused by the over growth of certain bacteria in the vagina. One of the most noticeable symptoms is unpleasant vaginal odor. Some textbooks say BV is an infection, but in reality, BV is not a true infection but an upset of the vaginal normal ecology. Ecology is the interaction between living organisms and their environment. To help you understand the vaginal ecology, let us look at the ecology of a river as an example. Under the normal condition when the river has sufficient water, there are many fish in it. If the water level of the river is running low, the number of fish would decrease and amphibians would thrive. This creates an ecological shift. During an episode of BV the good bacterium, Lactobacillus, decreases and the unwanted harmful bacteria increase. The cause for such an ecological shift is not clear. Suspected factors include antibiotic use, douching, hormone reduction due to menopause or pregnancy, and a change of sexual partner. BV is the most common vaginal discomfort in women of childbearing age.

What are the signs of BV?

Women with BV may have an abnormal vaginal discharge with an unpleasant odor. Some women report a strong fish-like odor, especially after sex. The discharge can be white (milky) or gray. It may also be foamy or watery. Other symptoms may include burning when urinating, itching around the outside of the vagina, and irritation. These symptoms may also be caused by another type of infection, so it is important to see a doctor. Some women with BV have no symptoms at all.

How is BV treated?

BV is often treated with antibiotics, but they do not always work. Continuous use can cause side effects, such as yeast infection.

Why do antibiotics often fail?

Current treatment options for BV are antibiotics. After an initial treatment with antibiotics, BV comes right back afterward. The reason is that the root cause of BV is not a true bacterial infection. Rather, it is an imbalance between “good” and “bad” bacteria. Let us use the river ecology again as an example. Killing the “amphibians” (bad bacteria) does not increase the number of fish (good bacteria) if the water level in the river is low. Therefore, any method that does not address the root cause, the ecological imbalance, is not effective for clearing BV.

Why do common home remedies often fail?

The most common home remedy for BV is douching. Research found that although douching can provide brief relief from odor, often causes severe BV and odor later, because it further disrupts vaginal ecology. This forces women to buy more douches and become trapped in a cycle of douching. Douching is the worst thing for managing vaginal odor. If you want to avoid BV never douche.

Another common home remedy for BV is oral or vaginal Lactobacillus capsules (probiotic formula) or yogurt that contains lactobacilli. Theoretically, adding more “good” bacteria into the vagina should help restore the balance between the “good” and “bad” bacteria. Unfortunately, in reality it often does not work. The right vaginal ecology cannot be restored without addressing the most important ecological factor ─ the environment. Let us use the river ecology example again. Putting more live fish (good bacteria) into a dried river to outnumber amphibians (bad bacteria) will result in more dead fish.

Other home remedies for BV include apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, boric acid, borax, garlic, folic acid, vitamin C pills, etc. All these products are fully or partially antiseptic. They may temporarily reduce the number of vaginal bacteria, but once the application stops, the “bad” bacteria grow right back.

Some home remedies occasionally show effects. This could be placebo effect because BV sometime recovers by itself. Overall, there are few effective home remedies that can truly clear vaginal odor without addressing its root cause.

How does NeuEve work?

A major reason for vaginal ecological imbalance is caused by the lack of available nutrients for the “good” bacteria. By supplementing the right combination of nutrients (prebiotics) for the “good” bacteria, the dominance of the “good” bacteria can be restored. This may result in the elimination of vaginal odor in some women.*

NeuEve BV Clear*

Each box of NeuEve BV Clear contains 3 suppositories. Use one in every 3 days. To avoid leakage after application, insert the suppository at the bedtime. After inserting the first suppository, odor clearance may be noticed within the first 24 hours. By using the two additional suppositories, the clearance of vaginal odor can be assured. For women with recurrent BV, once the odor is cleared, using one more pack of NeuEve BV Clear may help stop BV from coming back.


  • All natural, green, clean and food-grade safe ingredients of plant source.
  • Free of drugs, herbs, chemicals, preservatives and artificial fragrances.
  • Regular use may help maintain good vaginal health.
  • Few side effects.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

Tip: About 90% customers reported clearance of vaginal odor with just one pack of BV Clear. For women with recurrent BV, applying a second pack of NeuEve BV Clear helps stop BV from coming back.

Note: If odor persists, things other than BV such as yeast, may be involved. Please visit a gynecologist to have a checkup.

What customers said about NeuEve:*

“I am using your product for BV. The result is absolutely wonderful!!! I seem to be clearing exceptionally well. BV has been a longstanding problem for me and I went from product to product for years. Thanks a million for creating this wonderful product. I will be sharing the information and my success with my primary care physician.”

“I have had this awful smell for many years and tried everything possible but nothing worked, not even prescription drugs. This product really works.”

“This thing works. The bad odor is gone and I feel really good.”

“I have had BV for many years and have seen several OB/GYN doctors and taken different drugs, but nothing worked. Your product is a godsend. Only one suppository and the odor is gone. I thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!”

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  • Testimonials appearing on this site are actually received via text submission. They are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of those who have used our products in some way or another. However, they are individual results and results may vary. We do not claim that they are typical results that consumers will generally achieve. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products.
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  • All product reviews / testimonials / success stories are the sole opinions, findings or experiences of our customers. We do not "suggest" or "coach" the wording of them - and we do not pay for testimonials or reviews.

NeuEve BV Clear

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NeuEve BV Clear is a 100% all-natural vaginal suppository and a natural remedy
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Our suppositories and creams are packed with vitamins and nutrients.

We are so confident you will be satisfied with NeuEve that we will give you your money back if you are unsatisfied.*

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