How to Relieve Stubborn Vaginal Atrophy & Painful Sex Safely?

Why is vaginal atrophy difficult to reverse?

Vaginal atrophy is not a disease but an aging outcome, especially an outcome of menopause. The reason is the reduction of estrogen, the female hormone. After menopause or certain cancer treatments, such as total hysterectomy and antiestrogen therapy, the production of estrogen diminishes, resulting in vaginal atrophy.

You might have seen a wheelchair-bound handicapped man with atrophied legs. Disuse causes muscle atrophy. If one day this handicapped man can stand up and walk again, his atrophied legs may grow muscles back by persistently walking exercise. Likewise, vaginal atrophy is also reversible, but it is not as straightforward as growing back atrophied muscles.

Because vaginal atrophy a result of aging, to reverse vaginal atrophy is like to reverse aging. It is an uphill battle. It is like to smooth wrinkles (atrophy of the skin) with cream. After wrinkles are already formed, it is hard to reverse.

Botox can smooth wrinkles, but it is toxic with side effects. Likewise, the female hormone estrogen can reverse vaginal atrophy, but estrogen has more serious side effects than Botox because estrogen has a cancer risk.

How to tell if my vaginal atrophy is a stubborn case?

If your vaginal atrophy is not noticeably improved after 3 months of treatment, especially with estrogen, you may have a stubborn case.

Vaginal atrophy treatment methods include:

1) Estrogen and its derivatives, like Premarin, Osphena, Intrarosa, Estrace, Vagifem, and Imvexxy.

2) Energy-based devices. These devices focus the energy to heat the tissue. The heat causes internal injuries, which triggers a wound-healing response to initiate tissue rejuvenation. Examples include MonaLisa Touch, ThermiVa, and FemiLift.

3) Nutritional supplements, such as topical nourishment like using NeuEve and dietary supplements like taking sea buckthorn oil.

4) Dilation exercise, like regular dilators and magnetic dilators.

What causes vaginal atrophy difficult to treat?

The cause is unknown. Many factors may increase the risk of stubborn vaginal atrophy. These include:

1) Age. This may be the most common factor. The older a woman gets, the harder it to reverse the atrophy. For example, wrinkles are atrophy of the skin. Women develop wrinkles often after 40, but young girls put cream on the face even before 12. Why? Because if wrinkles show up, it is difficult to reverse. The best investment in beauty is to apply the cream on the face early. Likewise, the best investment in women’s love life is to apply NeuEve early, ideally before menopause. What if you are postmenopausal? Is it too old to reverse vaginal atrophy? The answer is “No.” NeuEve can still reverse it, but it may take a little longer time and you will need to use it more frequently. To date, the oldest woman who has benefited from using NeuEve is 88. If you are younger than 88, you are hopeful.

2) Early onset of menopause. This means that the woman’s estrogen level has long been low and vaginal atrophy might have occurred a long time ago at a younger age.

3) Total hysterectomy with bilateral oophorectomy. Removal of ovaries substantially reduces the woman’s estrogen production. However, adrenal glands and fat cells can still produce a low level of estrogen.

Total hysterectomy with removal of the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

4) Antiestrogen therapy for breast cancer. This may be the worst factor because antiestrogen therapy can block estrogen receptors or eliminate estrogen productions by Tamoxifen and/or aromatase inhibitors.

5) Malnutrition. Today, nutritional problems are mostly overweight. However, there are still some women suffering from malnutrition. These include women on dietary programs for weight loss, anorexia, bulimia, and picky eaters. Certain health problems, like depression, dementia, and chronic illness may reduce a person’s appetite and desire to eat. Alcoholism, drug abuse, and mental illness can all interfere with a person’s ability to consume an adequate diet. After menopause, most women are short of calcium because of insufficient uptake. Unless you take a calcium supplement, you may be suffering from calcium deficiency.

6) Osteoporosis. After menopause, women often develop osteoporosis. If a woman suffers from osteoporosis without taking calcium, magnesium, and vitamins D3 and K2 supplements, she may suffer from other complications, such as facial wrinkles (atrophy of skin) and vaginal dryness and atrophy because mucus secretion requires calcium.

Image showing women at different ages and how bone growth slows down as we age
A mid-aged woman may suffer rapid bone loss and vaginal atrophy

7) Certain diseases like lichen sclerosus, lichen planus, lupus, Sjogren’s syndrome, and Celiac disease may occur in the vaginal area or cause vaginal dryness. These diseases are often difficult to treat and can cause pain, inflammation, and complications like a yeast infection.

How to treat stubborn vaginal atrophy safely?

Many women with stubborn vaginal atrophy are older (>60), had total hysterectomy, or breast cancer survivors who used antiestrogen therapy. Some women are previous users of estrogen and/or MonaLisa Touch but failed to find relief.

NeuEve is an estrogen alternative. It works by nutritional supplements to reverse vaginal atrophy without estrogen, like calcium and vitamin D for bones. For those who used estrogen or MonaLisa Touch but was not effective, NeuEve still can help them find relief.

Based on our customer survey, 86% of women found relief after using NeuEve for 3 months. This means that 14% might have stubborn vaginal atrophy. See the chart below:


For stubborn vaginal atrophy, it may take a little longer time and some patience for recovery. A slow healing process is normal. Even if you took estrogen (assuming it was safe), you might not find relief in 3 months. We do not recommend estrogen because of its cancer risk.

To better help you find relief from stubborn vaginal atrophy safely and economically, we do not recommend using estrogen and its derivatives because of the cancer risk. We do not recommend using energy-based devices like MonaLisa Touch because they are costly and unsafe. FDA has issued a warning letter against using these devices. We recommend using a combination approach with safe methods:

1) NeuEve Silk formula suppositories plus the NeuEve cream. Aging puts two stresses on the vaginal tissue. One is dryness and the other is atrophy. The NeuEve Cream is a highly effective product to revive dried vaginal mucus glands that keep moisturizing the vagina. The NeuEve Silk suppositories are highly effective for the reversal of vaginal atrophy (shrinking). The combination can help you achieve the maximal effect of recovery from the aging effect. Using one product may also help you find relief, but it may take a longer time. 

2) Dietary supplements

a) Calcium, magnesium, and vitamins D3+K2. These are the most important supplements that you need to take at this age. Without vitamins D3 and K2, calcium may not be absorbed well. Additionally, vitamin D is independently correlated to urogenital health in older women. Calcium is essential not only for bones but also for mucus gland secretion. If osteoporosis is not managed, the mucus gland can be dried out and the vagina atrophied. The fact that you have severe vaginal dryness and atrophy indicates severe osteoporosis. Please pay special attention to this matter before getting unexpected fractures!!!!!!!!!

b) Fish oil (or flaxseed oil) for omega-3 if you do not like fish, you can take flaxseed oil pills instead. Also, eat a lot of fish routinely if you like to eat fish.

c) Sea buckthorn oil for omega-7. This essential fatty acid helps you to revive mucus glands and keep moisture in the oral cavity, eyes, and vagina. You can find this supplement on

3) Dilation exercise

You can find a set of vaginal dilators from our website: You need to start from the smallest size and move up gradually. You can do 20 minutes of exercise twice per day. We recommend magnetic dilators, which promote local blood circulation and help regrow the atrophied tissue. This dilation exercise helps you grow collagen and elastic fibers within the tissue.

To grow back the vaginal tissue, you can use dilators. NeuEve works to reverse vaginal atrophy by providing nutrients to the shrinking tissue to help it to grow back. However, if you do not exercise, the tissue may grow back slowly. To speed up the tissue recovery, doing dilator exercise helps. Once you move up to the largest dilator without pain, your recovery will complete, and you will have no more painful sex. Dilators are not our products. You can click the yellow “Learn More” button to reach the VuvaTech website and learn more.

4) Cough expectorant. Take the Mucinex 1 pill before bedtime even if you do not have a cough.  It helps your dried mucus glands in the vagina to secrete mucus, not just in the respiratory tract. If you do not have any in your medicine cabinet, buy the Mucinex that has only expectorant, not cough suppressant. You can get it from Amazon or your local drug store. See the image below:


You only need to use it for a few weeks. You can stop using it after you see vaginal secretion and good moisture after using NeuEve Silk and Cream.

For more information about how to help NeuEve to work better, please visit

If you can do the four things as suggested above, you will find relief soon.

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Relieve stubborn painful sex with NeuEve


Customers’ review on stubborn vaginal atrophy

Allison Watson5.0 out of 5 stars ordered for mother in lawReviewed in the United States on August 20, 2020Verified Purchase

I ordered these for my mother in law and this is what she has to say:

“My urologist told me to get these! I was having constant UTI’s for the past few years, I’m 58 and after being diagnosed with breast cancer at 49 and then being told to have my ovaries removed I had everything was taken out except my VA after that it was much too painful for any of that kind of fun! I do believe in miracles and maybe your product will make it possible again!!! Your product has made me feel so much better! I don’t have the horrible feeling of am I getting a UTI anymore or any dryness and not one UTI since I started!!! Which is huge!!! So thank you for caring enough for women’s health to make such a wonderful product!!! This is such a hard subject to discuss no one talks about it and not something I normally would but I think I need to tell you it’s working so far! The price is expensive but I will just have to save somewhere else!!! It’s been about 6 weeks since I started and I can feel the walls of my VA are starting to soften which had hardened ( I’ve even had surgery to clip scar tissue that was like rings actually closing my VA). I didn’t even know if I could get one of your suppositories in!!! But had no problems!!! I felt I needed to write this because it’s the first thing that’s worked!!! I’m not sure I would have tried this because of the price if my doctor hadn’t told me to, I think if you were to give some samples to doctors so more women could try them more women would be using them even if they tried them once they could see how they could change their lives too!!! Please know you really are helping women like me and I just have to say Thank you again!!!”

“This suppository is fantastic! I have had all the symptoms of menopause: dry, odor, and sexual pain. I have not had sex with my husband for years. The doctor prescribed vaginal estrogen suppositories, but they did not work for me. I used only 3 NeuEve’s suppositories and all my issues are gone. I feel great and can enjoy sex again. It has really saved my marriage.”

“I am 35 and am healing from an Auto immune disorder. Along with Autoimmune came fertility issues. Vaginal Atrophy and low estrogen being one of them. I cannot use hormone related products to help with the Atrophy, the hormones make my Thyroid levels drop immediately. So I researched and researched, until I found this amazing product!!!! yay!!! My husband and I can have sex again. We are seeing significant success after just 2 applications of the silk line. I plan on going through the whole line up to GOLD!!! Can’t thank this amazing company enough!!!! I love y’all!”

“I have been using the silver along with the cream…I love it! This has helped me more than anything that I have ever tried. I am switching to the gold in hopes that I will only have to use once per week. I will switch back to silver if it doesn’t work for me…..I had a hysterectomy nearly 20 years ago and have suffered from atrophy, BV, burning and itching associated with dryness. This all went away after one use!…I have tried vaginal estrogen, lubricants, vitamin E and nothing has helped until now. NeuEve is amazing…I cannot thank you enough!”

“Trust Me! This Really Works! I suffered from mild dryness and BV ever since I turned 50 now I’m 52. Estrogen patches and pills did not work for me but I was determined to find something since I am in a loving relationship with a 34 year old man! (need I say anymore…) I found this product 2 months ago and started with the silver since I was not having painful sex. I immediately noticed feeling lubricated from the inside out and I stayed that way for 5 days. Sex is beyond amazing and we make love twice a day sometimes more! So I decided to order the gold formula and had trouble receiving my package in fact I didn’t receive it. I called NeuEve customer service and who answers the phone? Dr. Chang herself the founder of this amazing product! She helped me track my product and when I still didn’t receive it she shipped me more free of charge. She also sent me a personal Email to check on me a few days ago to make sure I received it! Change your life and try this product as a nurse of 28 years, I have never experienced such a transformation ever!”

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