Manufacturing Assistant - (part-time, NW burbs of Chicago)

Apply Here:


$200 USD / 8 hour day


Company Description:

At NeuEve we are a small, family business and we manufacture and sell natural remedies for women. 

We care passionately about helping people and contributing to society.

Job Overview:

  • The manufacturing assistant will help with filling jars, capping, sealing, and packing boxes.
  • The manufacturing assistant will be needed about 2 Tuesdays per month, and some Wednesdays possibly. We will let you know 7 days in advance when you are needed. Starting time 8 am, ending time 4pm.
  • Success looks like: showing up on time, being a both careful/detailed, and time-efficient/quick
  • Having ideas for improvements in quality/efficiency is a plus!
  • Your work is very important to helping our customers get the relief from symptoms that they need!

Reports To:

  • The manufacturing assistant will report to Kevin Tao, cofounder

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • When making Cream:
    • Placing empty jars on trays
    • Filling jars
    • Capping jars
    • Sealing jars
    • Counting jars and putting them in a box
    • Other miscellaneous light hand-work

    • When making Suppositories:
      • Scooping powders
      • Pouring mixtures
      • Loading shells
      • Running a filling machine and watching it
      • Unloading filled shells
      • Loading a shell-cutting machine and watching it
      • Placing bags into boxes


    • Enjoys and feels proud of working with hands
    • Experience - any job or hobby that involves making things, such as cooking or crafting
    • Strong morals and values

    Potential for Growth and Other Benefits:

    • $200 for 8 hours of rewarding, fulfilling work
    • Feeling of pride in making products that help lots of people
    • We have nap pods!
    • We have a culture of caring for our workers!

    Referral Bonus:

    If you can think of someone who would be perfect, we are paying $50 to whoever refers a candidate we hire.