About Us

We are NeuEve

We want to live in a world where kindness, love and helping others can make a big impact.

The Challenge

NeuEve's founders: Dr. Renjie Chang and Kevin Tao

As a gynecologist, it’s very common for friends to seek out Renjie for free medical advice.

When Renjie and her friends started going through menopause, one problem stood out to her as very important and unaddressed.

Vaginal dryness.

Her friends reluctantly shared their stories of memories of once passionate romance, physical and emotional pain, and fears of loss.


The Invention

Renjie was not the kind of person that can be happy with only saying supportive words. She always preferred action.

She buried herself for weeks underground in her lab surrounded with medical science journals and natural ingredients.

Despite the increasing worries of her husband and her son, she did not emerge until she had a prototype of the very first batch of NeuEve.

Principles - What We Stand For


We invented NeuEve to promote love.

Love means trust, and trust means taking a chance.

Love also means support in good times and bad, so we created a private Pelvic Health support group for you.

We donated $20k of medical equipment and PPE to local hospitals at the start of the pandemic


We believe that science is the power to help others and make a difference.

We have made two scientific breakthroughs in women’s health:

- Vaginal dryness, a consequence of aging rather than a disease, is frequently overmedicated with hormones, potentially increasing the risk of breast cancer. We have developed natural alternative products for relieving vaginal dryness safely by waking up dried mucus grands.

- Vaginal dysbiosis (AV, BV, or CV), a microbial imbalance rather than a true infection, is often overmedicated with antibiotics, potentially leading to drug resistance and secondary infections. We have developed natural alternative products for relieving vaginal dysbiosis safely by restoring microbial balance

We support the scientific community:

- We give out scholarships to grad students for women's health. [12]

- We revived all of the content of a medical journal that went offline and out of print.

Doing What is Right

Ethics are the core of who we are.

We invented NeuEve because other products contain hormones and harmful chemicals.

In the women's health products space, many companies and their shareholders don't seem to care about anything other than making money.

We're changing that.

We are certified cruelty free and we are members of the Circular Economy Leaders Network at Plant Chicago.

To ensure our bank money doesn't go to support new drilling by the fossil fuel industry, we proudly bank with Atmos, a bank that only lends money to clean energy projects.