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Why Work at NeuEve?

Are you looking for a job where you get to do something truly meaningful for others, while also learning and growing?

You have come to the right place.

NeuEve / Lavax Inc was founded on a fearless moonshot, to create a bacteria that would fight HIV and bring an end the AIDS epidemic and save millions of lives. 

Unfortunately, the original dream was crushed by the reality of the laws of nature.

But failures lead to other discoveries!

We discovered that we can create remedies that help tens of thousands of women with life-altering conditions, safely without hormones or drugs.

From zero, our company has been built from hard work and grit, making our products by hand, writing notes to customers by hand. We are the epitome of Chicago, the "City of Broad Shoulders."

Working at NeuEve you can expect an environment of pride in hard work, teamwork, and servant leadership.


Why you should consider joining the NeuEve team:

  • Impact
  • Growth / Learning
  • Principles


Our customers come to us because they have important issues that really harm their quality of life. Their problems have been ignored by doctors and drug companies, and we are often their last hope. Many of them are simply unable to have intercourse, which harms their relationships.

We have tens of thousands of customers whose lives we improve on an extremely deep level. After we help them, they often write the most heartfelt Thank-You Letters.

As part of a small team, your responsibilities will be broad. You will have many roles to play, and you will help us shape our culture and our future. 

Working at NeuEve, we get to have a huge impact on the world around us.

Growth / Learning

We value knowledge learning and growth. We also believe making mistakes is extremely valuable for growing. As such, we invest time and effort in teaching our workers and providing them with educational opportunities. This is important to us! If you work for us, we will help you learn and grow.

NeuEve's Principles

  • First Principles - We approach all problems with childlike wonder and curiosity, which leads to creativity. The status quo is not necessarily the best way to do things. If we believed that, we never would have invented our products that directly challenge the status quo.
  • Do What is Right - Our company exists in a competitive market that uses harmful products that entrap women in endless cycles. We do our best to rise above the competition. We will always do our best to help people.  
  • Health is #1 - Health is the foundation that the rest of life and happiness is built on. Without health, love / money / friendships / goals are all completely pointless.


We are a small family business that cares passionately about helping people and contributing to society.

We are looking to grow and we'd like your help. 

Current Open Positions

Executive Assistant (Part-Time, Remote) (Closed)

Customer Service Agent - Non-Medical (Part-Time, Remote) (Open)

Customer Service Agent - Medical / Scientific (Part-Time, Remote) (Open)

Manufacturing Assistant (Part-Time, Northwest Suburbs of Chicago) (Open)

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