Medical Coaching (Simple Case)
Medical Coaching (Simple Case)
Medical Coaching (Simple Case)

Medical Coaching (Simple Case)

  • $35

  • Receive 14 Days of Coaching from Dr. Chang or Staff Scientist
  • Bonus Gift : $20 Store Credit

Medical coaching on a simple matter.

How it works:

1. Please purchase this item by checking out. As a bonus, you will automatically receive a $20 gift card to spend on NeuEve products.

2. Please fill out the form here:

3. Dr. Renjie Chang or a Staff Scientist will answer your questions.

If your question or case is "simple", as in commonly occurring, we will answer it.

If your question or case is "complex," it will require more time and energy from Dr. Chang and our science staff. When we say "complex" we mean that it would require any or all of the following : 

  • Finding and reading new PubMed journal articles
  • Reaching out to other researchers to discuss
  • Original research
  • Formulating brand new products

If it's a complex case, we will let you know. We will ask for a $175 payment (and you would receive a $50 gift card), to pay for our research efforts.

4. You can follow up and chat with us for the next 14 days.


Legal Disclaimer - 

  • Dr. Chang and our science staff are in the role of researcher and health coach, not physicians. We create innovations. We are not your care-provider.
  • This does not form a patient-doctor relationship
  • This is not medical advice, this is for informational purposes only
  • Please contact 911 for emergencies
  • No results are guaranteed
  • We cannot give coaching to pregnant women
  • The info provided should not be used for diagnosing or treating a
    health problem or disease, and those seeking personal medical advice
    should consult with a licensed physician.
  • Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health provider regarding a medical condition.

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