How to choose a NeuEve product that best suits you?


Unlike other products that use a one-size-fits-all approach, NeuEve provides customized or personalized care to optimize the effect. This is why many women failed to find relief using other products found rapid and complete relief after using NeuEve, because personalized care is better.

People with different age and health condition requires different care.
The one-size-fits-all approach does not work best for all people.

NeuEve provides seven different selfcare products to relieve vaginal dryness, painful sex, itching, burning and/or odor (BV) for women of different ages, health conditions and types of discomforts. These include:

  • Vulva Balm Cream
  • Silk suppository (phase 1)
  • Silver suppository (phase 2)
  • Gold suppository (phase 3)
  • Assorted pack (1 sample Cream, 4 Silk suppositories, 2 Silver suppositories, and 1 Gold suppository)
  • BV Clear
  • BV Clear Finisher

Seven NeuEve products designed for women of different ages and health conditions.
We also have a “Sensitive Cream” for women over 70. It can be purchased upon inquiry.


How to choose a NeuEve product that best suits you? Below is a chart to help you with product selection based on product property, application, user’s age, and health condition:


Let us show you some examples about how to use this chart.


1. Choose a product for dryness or painful sex

Say you are 47 and have moderate painful sex (dyspareunia), you can refer line 3 below Application. It says Dyspareunia, moderate or (age 45-50). The most suitable products are NeuEve Cream and Silver suppositories (Why do I need to add the NeuEve cream to the suppository?)

In the Gold box on the same line, it says NR*. It means that it is not recommended initially but can be used after using milder NeuEve products. This means that after you use NeuEve Cream and Silver suppositories for a few months, you may move to the next phase to NeuEve Gold. The Gold delivers more nutrients and has a stronger capacity of balancing pH and inhibiting infections. It can better help you relieve vaginal atrophy. However, due to its higher concentration of nutrients, it may cause burning in sensitive women if used upfront. So, do not move up too quickly. After 2-3 months on the Silver, you may feel good relief from painful sex. Then, you can move to the next phase to the Gold for better and easier maintenance as you only need to use one suppository a week. How many months to I stay at Silk or Silver before moving to the next phase?


2. Choose a right product for BV relief

Say you are 47 and have moderate painful sex (dyspareunia), and odor (BV), you will choose the same products as described above because moderate painful sex indicates that you may have moderate vaginal atrophy. You can use NeuEve Silver to relieve the atrophy first. BV may be cleared after using the Silver. If not, you can move to the next phase to NeuEve Gold the next month and BV may be cleared. But if BV persists, you may use BV Clear to clear it after using NeuEve Gold.

But if you are 47 and do not have painful sex, only odor, you can refer line 4 from the bottom. It says “BV, perimenopausal or age 40-50. The best product for you to start is NeuEve Gold formula. You can start with the NeuEve Gold because you do not have vaginal atrophy.

If you are 27 without any health condition, you can refer line 6 from the bottom and choose BV Clear to clear BV.

If you are 27 but on birth control pill, IUD, or breastfeeding, you can refer line 5 from the bottom. You can choose NeuEve Gold for BV Clearance. The reason is that birth control pill, IUD or breastfeeding causes estrogen reduction and you may have a mild vaginal atrophy (without much painful sex) that is similar to women in perimenopause. You may feel burning if you use BV Clear upfront. It would be safer if you could choose NeuEve Gold to use first. If it does not clear your BV after 1 month, you can move to BV Clear next.

On the same line, Silver is marked with 3+, and BV Clear 2+ signs. This means that Silver may be a little too mild for you but can still be good if you are a sensitive type. BV Clear may be a little too strong for you, but if your BV is bad and you are not afraid of burning, you can still choose BV Clear. The trade off is that it may cause burning for women at the perimenopausal age. Thus, this box has only 2+ signs.

If you are 27 and on birth control pill, IUD, or breastfeeding, but you also have moderate to severe painful sex (dyspareunia), you can refer lines 3 and 4 under Application. You can choose NeuEve Silver or Silk for BV Clearance, respectively. The reason is that birth control pill, IUD or breastfeeding causes estrogen reduction. If the condition lasts for a long time, it may cause moderate to severe vaginal atrophy that is similar to women in post-menopause. You may feel burning if you use BV Clear or Gold formula upfront. It would be safer if you could choose NeuEve Silver or Silk to use first. If it does not clear your BV after 1 month, you can change phases to Silver or Gold and ultimately to BV Clear.

If you are 27 but you have had a hysterectomy, and/or cancer chemotherapy or antiestrogen therapy, your condition may be artificial menopause. Your equivalent age for choosing product purpose is >50, even though your actual age is 27. Thus, you can refer line 3 from the bottom, choosing Silk or Silver to start and move through the phases gradually.

If you are 77 and have odor, you can refer line 7 under Application and choose NeuEve Cream to start. After 2-3 weeks on the Cream, you can start with NeuEve Silk for 1-3 months and then move to the next phase to Silver if odor is not cleared after using Silk. If Silk works, we suggest that you remain on Silk for maintenance. If you are a sensitive type and feel burning after using the regular NeuEve Cream, you can contact for help.

The sensitive cream is designed for sensitive women and those over 70. Due to limited demand, it is not listed for sale to the public. We reserve it for women over 70. If you are interested, please contact us at We will send you an invoice to allow you to purchase it.


3. What if I cannot decide?

Cannot decide? Choose Assorted Pack.


However, if your age is on the borderline, say at 50 and you cannot tell if your painful sex is moderate or severe, and you feel it is difficult to choose a right formula to start, you can choose the Assorted pack.

The Assorted pack has 4 Silk suppositories, 2 Silvers, and 1 Gold. It also comes with a sample vulva balm cream (about 2 weeks of supply if you use it on a daily basis). Use it a tiny bit (1/4 dime size) at a time on the exterior vulva.

Please follow the instructions on the box. Within 1 month, you will test all 4 NeuEve formulas. By the end, you will find out which formula you like best. You can subscribe to it for monthly delivery. If Gold is too strong, Silver will be the right one for you. If you do not feel Gold is too strong, Gold will be the best. You will figure it out after testing it.

Note: The Assorted pack is only for women between 45 and 55. If you are over 55, you should start with NeuEve Silk and/or Cream. The Silver and Gold formulas in the Assorted pack may be too strong for you.


You can buy the Assorted pack here.

Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only. It is about natural products, nutrients, and/or methods for managing vaginal aging-related discomfort (not a true infection or disease). It is not medical advice for the treatment of any diseases.


  • Kate

    I am 65 yrs. old. I had a complete vaginal hysterectomy at the age of 27. My UTI infections began within 6 months after the surgery. They have increased over the years. I used an esterderm patch for approximately 20 years. I changed to natural homone pellets through a medical facility around 10 yrs. ago. I still get UTI ’s. I do have dysfunctional pelvic floor with a mild rectocele. I am very sensitive to anything I use. Can you tell me what is in the creams, and if you think they may help me. I recently tried Ucora, and it only got worse. thank you

  • Aurora Gallegos

    I have reoccurring UTIs and also lichen sclerosis
    Which ones of your products do you recommend?
    Thank you so much

  • Ieva, NeuEve Team

    Hola! En este caso te recomendamos usar AV-Nil. Por favor no dudes en comunicarte con nosotros a través de nuestro chat en vivo si necesitas ayuda con tu progreso. Esperamos que encuentres alivio pronto.

  • Noemi

    Buenas tardes tengo 36 años…tengo gadnerella y también e.coli…qué producto debo de utilizar ?

  • Ieva, NeuEve Team

    Hello Sharon,
    We empathize with your situation, and we’re here to assist you. It’s essential to address your concerns effectively, and we recommend filling out our Medical Coaching Form to better understand your specific needs.

    You can access the form here:

    Completing this form will provide our team with valuable information to guide you towards a suitable solution.

    We understand the urgency, and your well-being is our top priority. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in taking this step to find the most effective and safe solution for you.

    Wishing you comfort and relief soon.

    NeuEve Team

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