A Secret Royal Cucumber

As an OB/GYN, I get a lot of questions on the latest products.

A lady recently asked me if using a jade egg is safe as it was a secret royal cucumber.

She had seen it being promoted by the Hollywood celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow through her company, “Goop.”

Paltrow was taken to court because of unsubstantiated health claims, and she had to pay a hefty fine.

I never heard of secret royal cucumbers before.

Could it be a cucumber-shaped jade egg?

What is the secret?

I went on Paltrow’s website to investigate it a little bit more.

It turned out that what her company, “Goop” claimed, was that the jade egg was derived from a secret practice of ancient Chinese royal concubines.

I guess someone got a little mixed up between concubines and cucumbers.

Easy mistake!

The secret has been out for a long time that cucumbers are sometimes used as sex toys.

Concubines are kept women.

Cucumbers are something women have kept.


A huge jade egg was put next to a famous Chinese royal concubine to promote sales by a US jade egg seller, but the whole story is a scam. Chinese royals never used jade eggs.

Neither is particularly healthy.

Forget eggs, cucumbers and concubines.

All you really need for better satisfaction and a healthy vagina is NeuEve.

You will feel like royalty.

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