“NeuEve changed my life" - by Natalie


Even though I have always been slim and fit, my pelvic organ prolapses started after child birth in 1999. Doctors ignored my prolapses, but I underwent a hysterectomy because of huge uterus fibroids in 2007. I still have my ovaries. However, the doctors didn’t care much about my vaginal pain, UTIs, BV, AV, CV, and yeast, which persisted cyclically and had been chronic since my early 20s. My GYN had a different response to my symptoms, and proposed a different treatment due to my age, but my complaints were always the same. 

Now, at 52, I feel better than I ever did in my 20s or 30s. I eliminated all possible very serious illnesses like cancers etc. by doing tests. Then, I started to work on my most bothersome problems one by one. Apparently, I had a combination of many conditions. Bladder problems, pelvic organs prolapses, UTIs, BV, AV, CV, vaginal atrophy, and painful sex. The Neueve products were the game changer. I started using silk suppositories and cream two years ago. Within 7 months of being on silk suppositories, I moved to silver, and then in another 3 months to gold suppositories with cream. I use these in conjunction with special exercises and maintaining a healthy diet. As a result, I forgot what it is like to have constant UTI’s, BV and all else related to my Gynecological problems. The color of my vulva became normal and the itching stopped. Finally, I felt the release after many years of suffering and hopelessness. Even though it took about 7-8 months for me to reach full recovery and feel like a normal person again, it works so much better than any other treatment I’ve tried before. In fact, I think it ends up being less expensive than going to the doctor every time I have a problem. 

I plan on continuing to use the Neueve products as long as they are available. Also, the Neueve website is an excellent resource for finding answers to women’s health related questions, because it is the best repository of answers and update-to-date information on most WH related topics. Thank you for inventing and selling the best women’s health products on the market!




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