The Optimal Solution for Intimate Dryness

Currently, three types of methods are used to treat intimate dryness. One type includes estrogen and its derivatives. The second type includes energy-based devices like MonaLisa Touch. NeuEve is a third type of method. It is a new type. It uses topical nutritional supplement to reverse vaginal atrophy like a facial serum to reverse wrinkles (atrophy of the skin). There are also lubes and jellies, but these products are for easing symptoms only by providing lubrication or moisture. They do not treat the cause of intimate dryness – vaginal atrophy.

How these methods work?

Estrogen heals vaginal atrophy by binding to estrogen receptors to stimulate the growth of the atrophied vaginal tissue.

Estrogen receptor trigger gene activation

MonaLisa Touch heals vaginal atrophy by creating micro-wounds deep inside the tissue with a laser gun. The micro-wounds inside the tissue trigger a wound-healing event. The event stimulates growth factors to achieve reversal of vaginal atrophy.

MonaLisa Touch
The laser gun of MonaLisa Touch

NeuEve supports feminine moisture by nutritional supplements, like calcium and vitamin D for bones. Due to nutrient starvation after menopause, the vaginal tissue shrinks. Supplementing nutrients reverses this process.


How to compare these methods?

With an easy problem, it would be difficult to compare different methods because all can solve it.

However, with a difficult problem, only the best method can provide a solution. Mediocre methods cannot.

This is analogous to high jump: everyone can jump over a low bar, but only a professional high jumper can clear a 2-meter-high bar.

Therefore, to determine which method is most effective for relieving vaginal atrophy, we need to identify the most severe cases to set the bar high.

A high bar can separate a good from mediocre jumpers.

Therefore, to identify which method is better for relieving vaginal atrophy, we need to find the most severe cases of vaginal atrophy to set a high standard.

What causes the most severe vaginal atrophy?

Normally, vaginal atrophy is not a disease but rather an outcome of aging. As women grow older, particularly after menopause, their vaginal tissue gradually becomes atrophic.

However, cancer treatments can accelerate the aging process and cause an early onset of vaginal atrophy. In some cases, cancer treatments can lead to severe vaginal atrophy. These treatments include chemotherapy for any type of cancer, antiestrogen therapy for breast cancer, and pelvic radiation therapy for cancers in the pelvis.

Chemotherapy and antiestrogen therapy shrink vaginal tissue by inhibiting cell growth, but they do not cause physical injuries. This type of atrophy resembles the atrophy caused by menopause, and many treatment methods can reverse it. Therefore, it is considered a mild form of vaginal atrophy.

Pelvic radiation, on the other hand, operates differently. Radiation energy kills cancer cells by damaging their DNA. Cancer cells with damaged DNA cease to divide and eventually die. However, a problem with radiation therapy is the collateral damage to adjacent tissues, one of which is a severe type of vaginal atrophy.

Pelvic radiation causes the most severe vaginal atrophy

Who receive pelvic radiation?

Women with the following cancers may receive pelvic radiation:

  • Cervical cancer
  • Womb (endometrial) cancer
  • Vaginal cancer
  • Vulval cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Rectal cancer
  • Anal cancer
  • Lymphoma in the pelvic area

Which product relieves the most severe vaginal dryness?

Menopause-induced atrophy is caused by a reduction in estrogen levels. Supplementing estrogen can reverse it.

Theoretically, estrogen can relieve vaginal atrophy induced by chemotherapy or antiestrogen therapy. However, due to its cancer risk, women who have undergone chemotherapy or antiestrogen therapy may choose not to use estrogen for treating vaginal atrophy and often seek alternative methods.

Female colon cancer survivors can use estrogen because colon cancer is not sensitive to estrogen. However, their severe vaginal atrophy caused by pelvic radiation for treating colon cancer is not relieved by estrogen. Supplementing estrogen does not reverse this type of atrophy, as it is caused by physical tissue damage from radiation, not estrogen reduction. Due to its ineffectiveness and cancer risk, estrogen is not recommended for use by women with pelvic radiation.

Regarding MonaLisa Touch, many women who have undergone pelvic radiation have tried it, but they reported that MonaLisa Touch did not provide any relief. A recently published study in the renowned medical journal JAMA reported that the vaginal laser device showed no difference compared to a dummy device used as a control. This suggests that the effect of the laser device may be limited.

How about NeuEve? After trying NeuEve Balm Cream and Silk suppositories, many women with previous pelvic radiation reported that they had found rapid and effective relief.

NeuEve – The only product relieves radiation-induced atrophy

Many women undergoing pelvic radiation have tried all available products on the market for relief from vaginal atrophy, but all have failed. After trying NeuEve, they reported that it was the only product that provided them with relief.

Therefore, when compared with estrogen and MonaLisa Touch in the same women experiencing the most severe type of vaginal atrophy, NeuEve came out on top.

To date, doctors at several major cancer centers, including the world-renowned Massachusetts General Hospital of Harvard in Boston, Siteman Cancer Center of Washington University in Missouri, and University Cancer and Blood Center in Georgia, are recommending NeuEve to their patients who have undergone pelvic radiation and suffer from the most severe vaginal atrophy that no other products have been effective for.

Increasing numbers of gynecologists, urologists, and pelvic therapists nationwide are recommending NeuEve to their patients for relieving vaginal atrophy and recurrent UTIs after estrogen and antibiotics have failed to provide relief.


Since NeuEve has proven effective in relieving the most severe type of vaginal dryness, it is the optimal product for alleviating vaginal dryness and painful intercourse in all women, not solely those with pelvic radiation. It outperforms estrogen and MonaLisa Touch, offering greater safety and affordability.

Say “Goodbye” to painful sex for good with NeuEve!

Note: If your vaginal tissue has completely shrunk and you have lost the ability to have a painless sexual intercourse, you need to combine dilation exercise and dietary supplements with NeuEve to achieve a rapid recovery. Details see this article: How to Relieve Painful Sex for Cancer Survivors?

Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only. It is about natural products, nutrients, and/or methods for managing vaginal aging-related discomfort (not a true infection or disease). It is not medical advice for the treatment of any diseases.



Customer review on pelvic radiation-related or after estrogen had failed

Miraculous suppositories
I had tried all kind of vaginal estrogens from my doctor, nothing ever helped, I will still have a lot of pain during intercourse. I went from loving sex before to hating sex because it was very very painful.
NewEve is the only medicine that helped with vaginal atrophy and dryness.
I have suffered for 15 years after my hysterectomy since I had endometriosis. I will continue to use. It also gives me more energy and helps my memory.
Thank you for creating a product that really works.

Regained arousal, libido, and orgasm.
I recently found NeuEve products doing a search. I was actually searching for my sister who has leaky bladder.
I decided to order the products for myself also. I am 64, very healthy, healthy eating habits, no medications and have taken high quality supplements for years to support optimal function of my body and aging for 30 years.
I have taken a supplement to keep my hormones in balance for many years.
Years ago I did have my uterus removed because of heavy bleeding and fibroids. I wish I knew what I knew today back then, but I do have my ovaries.
However we still have aging and I had no desire for intercourse. Diminished arousal and hard to have an orgasm.
I received my NeuEve package and have only used 3 of the vaginal suppositories so far. I have intense arousal and fully restored orgasm.
This was so strange for me to get results this quickly. I started with the silver package.
I am so happy I found this in an internet search.
Many times it is very difficult to find something of this quality just searching on the internet.
I must have been lucky to type in the right words to bring me to the NeuEve product. Thank you!
I had dryness due to early menopause. I tried various things that worked fairly well. NeuEve is the best I've used. Intimacy has been nothing short of amazing.
I've used Silk less than a month and have already noticed a difference.
Feels like 20 years ago. Very happy customer.
I used Silk for one month then switched to silver as it’s more effective in getting rid of feminine odor and atrophy.
I’ve had no negative reaction even after weaning off Estradiol.
So happy to not be using anything with hormones as I believe it’s not good for women and can have adverse side effects.
I am thrilled to say I'm comfortable once again in my body and my husband and I are enjoying pain- free relations once again.
Before now I hesitated to be with him because it was so painful and I would tear and bleed.
Things are back to normal and I thank God every day for helping me to find this company.
Please continue your good work. Thanks a million!
I am 64 and have struggled with severe pain and dryness for 10 years.
I did Mona Lisa Touch treatments, used tons of coconut oil and other lubricants. Finally, my husband and i just stopped having sex. Not a good plan.
It has been years and 3 months ago, I found Silk. It works. It's as simple as that.
Having had estrogen based breast cancer 2+ years ago, I was very conscious of using any type of suppository that could be harmful so I did my research.
I am also studying with IIN to be an Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach and own a weight loss company.
I talk to women everyday who have the same issue and I am so glad I have a way to help them by suggesting they look into Silk.
Use it. It will help you get back to YOU!!
While going through breast cancer treatments it sent me into peri menopause. I began having hot flashes and very painful sex to the point I could not at all.
I was desperate to get that part of my life back, but am unable to use anything with hormones in it.
I heard about this product and gave it a try.
Just using a few of these suppositories made a big difference.
One month supply did the trick and I'll continue to use them as maintenance.
When my body went through menopause, I decided I did NOT want to take anything. No estrogen or any other supplements.
My OBGYN did not prepare me for the fact that my body was about to change drastically (tightness, dryness of my private area)
When my husband and I would try to be intimate, it hurt and sometimes he couldn't even penetrate that area because of dryness and tightness.
Talk about putting you into a mind swirling depression!!!
I was literally like "omg, I am just never going to be able to be that close with my husband again????"
Well I was on a mission and thank heavens I came across this site and Vuva site.
First I started with the NeuEve suppositories which help tremendously with keeping that area moist again! The suppositories helped but I knew I still needed help with the tightness so that is when I found Vuva site and started with the dialators and the Slippery Stuff!
After reading the reviews of each product and the directions and following everything carefully it was about almost a month of using the NeuEve suppositories (according to directions), the dialators and the slippery stuff my husband and I were able to have sex.
I almost cried!! With relief!!!
No thanks to any doctors!!
I am definitely upset with the fact that my OBGYN did not suggest or offer any type of help for what I was about to face with menopause cold turkey!
This should be a staple for any woman going through the change of life!
There is help ladies!!!
These products are it!!!!
Thank you!
Good evening,
Can you please pass this message along to the creator and owners?
The vulva balm was literally life changing for me and I'm only in my early 30s.
I've suffered from an array of issues due to Lyme and ended up suffering from painful sex in my late 20s!
I saw a gynecologist who tried to tell me most of my vaginal pain was in my head!!!
I was desperate and thought I was screwed for lack of a better term, but then I found your vulva balm and decided to give it a shot. It's been so amazing!
Before my late 20s, I never needed lubricant for sex, but then I began needing lubricant every time which was horrible and sex still ended up being painful.
After I started using this vulva balm, I was able to have sex again without lubricant! The first time in years!!
I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am...
Such a young age to lose hope, but now I'm healing.
Thank you!!!
We received 4 product reviews today (3/27/2023). 
Joycelyn for NeuEve balm cream
I love this cream. Only took 1 day to stop the Itching and dryness of vaginal atrophy, 100% love this cream and will recommend to all.
Tammy for NeuEve Silk
I was thrilled after the first use! Gone was the itchiness, the dryness. Instead I felt silky and moisturized.
I had been on estrogen cream for about 2.5 years, and I didn't want to use it, but without it I felt like I had to pee all the time and sex was quite painful.
I got an OK from my doctor before using NeuEve, and she was absolutely fine with it. She even asked me to let her know my experience.
After just a few uses, sex became less painful. Hot baths were no longer burning. Even wiping after using the bathroom felt more comfortable.
I slowly weaned off the estrogen and after almost 3 months of using silk I feel so much better.
My doctor is thrilled and is recommending it to her patients who can't or won't use hormones.
I love this product, and I'm telling my friends - don't replace the hormones, replace the moisture!
Deb for NeuEve Silk
I have had a great experience with this product.
Vaginal dryness has decreased substantially and much less pain associated with intercourse.
I like that this is a hormone-free product and it is very easy to use.
Ruth for NeuEve Gold
Before finding NeuEve I was experiencing severe vaginal dryness and atrophy. I was miserable.
I started with Level 1 and worked myself up to level 3.
Upon my first month, the pain level had dramatically reduced. By my third month I hardly felt any pain. And thereafter, I was totally pain free.
I’ve been using the Gold for a little over a year and I have to say, I am 100x’s happier.
I gave NeuEve a try before any hormone therapy.
It is my number one recommendation to all my friends and family.
Thank you NeuEve for creating a safe and wonderful product 🙂
My husband so understanding. Talked with my gyno several times. Tried many things. Just kind of gave up and decided I was done with sex for me. My husband felt so bad for
me. He didn’t press on issue of sex cause he hated hurting me. Not his fault of course.
OMG…..!!!!! Three weeks of suppositories every other day and balm everyday. Bought dilators but haven’t used.
Last night was the test… full penetration with lube, no problem. Slight burn but very tolerable and I know that will go away soon enough.
This product is AMAZING!!!!!!! Won’t need dilators. So impressed. Can’t believe it. I cried
I will tell my Dr.
I would first like to say thank you to Neueve for making such an incredible product. And to anyone reading this review if you are struggling with any issues that prevent you from having a satisfying sexual relationship with your partner please do not hesitate to give these products a chance.
When I first come across this website, I read the reviews and researched the products and I still hesitated. I thought about it for awhile and continued to research other products and brands.
I came back again and eventually I decided to order I can say without any hesitation.
I should have ordered the first time I visited the website The difference is something that I didn’t expect. It’s what I wanted but not what I expected.
After getting help from the experts on the website I ordered the Silk and the Vulva Balm Cream.
I waited approximately 6-7 weeks before I felt comfortable enough to even attempt having sex.
At that point I had not been able to have sex in over 9 years so needless to say I was anxious and also not sure what would be the outcome.
To say the products worked would be an understatement !! I am now having sex on a weekly basis.
I have an incredible libido and I have no pain!!!
I would also like to add I am a two time lung cancer survivor so having these natural products available is so very important to me.
So if you have gone through chemo or radiation treatment I would say to you: You are here, you are reading this, so you are already a Rockstar…you survived!! And you can get through this as well …..
Don’t hesitate I hope that this review will inspire others to give NeuEve a chance…. And lastly I should mention…I would have written this sooner but I’ve been busy having sex ……♥️♥️
Brilliant discovery
This product gave me back my life. My reproductive system seemed to come back to life after just 4 weeks of use...amazing!
A true modern miracle!!!
I typically don’t write reviews. After twelve years of atrophy, I had little faith that this or any product would ever work.
Wow, was I wrong. After using the Silk formula for only two weeks, I felt right as rain!!
My love life has returned and I couldn’t be happier.
I have now recommended this product to two of my close friends who have also had great success with the Silk formula, and Vulva cream.
I am the happiest 61 year old on the planet.
Simply amazing!
I am very happy with this product. I bought 2 boxes just to try and had results in just 2 weeks. I went from painful sex to enjoyable sex. I had dryness, itching, and vaginal atrophy. I was surprised how fast it worked.
In 4 weeks I feel mostly cured. I will keep using the product for maintenance. It is easy to use. I would wear a panty liner for minimal leakage. It is definitely worth a try!
I just wanted to thank Dr. Chang for creating the product. After having cervical cancer, surgery, radiation and chemo, I was unable to have sex for over 2 yrs. I was contemplating having surgery to remove scar tissue. After using the cream for several months the elasticity to my skin returned and I am able to have sex again!  Thanks, Lora




Best product ever

I was suffering from dryness and pain with sex. Also, my yearly pap exams were extremely uncomfortable, and my doc recommended an estrogen suppository. She diagnosed me with vaginal atrophy. After finding out the costs of those medications and having the fear of using estrogen, I started researching natural solutions and found NeuEve. It has been remarkable. I am 64 so started slowly with Silk, then Silver and now I am using Gold. Just had my yearly and I felt no pain and the doc said there was a noticeable difference in my lining. She wanted the info to pass on to other patients. I highly recommend this product! And a bonus… no pain with sex. ❤️



Reviewed in the United States on February 7, 2017

I am a young cancer survivor that was forced into menopause early from my cancer treatments. This is the only product that has worked long term for me.

I struggled with BV issues for some time and obviously vaginal atrophy from pelvic radiation, since using this product I have not had one single reoccurrence of BV. I have since recommended this product to a few of my friends all of whom are either pre-or post-menopausal with similar issues (odd odor, less natural lubrication) and they all seem to love it and recommend it.

I would say initially I was skeptical; I have been using this for about 6 months and my honest opinion is that this product is exactly what the packaging states. Please keep in mind I produce no natural hormones and have been in hormone replacement therapy for 5 years, nothing has worked as well as this product. It is safe, effective, and works quickly.


Amazon Customer

Surviving Radiation Therapy with NeuEve

Reviewed in the United States on May 5, 2015

“Thank you, Dr. Chang. And thank you for the greatest product ever. I had uterine cancer and underwent radiation therapy. NeuEve has been a life-changer.”



Breast cancer survivors love NeuEve.

"I just had to tell you, please let the amazing doctor who developed this product know that it has truly changed my life. Breast cancer with chemo, then forced oophorectomy (darn ovaries would not stop making estrogen and I can’t take tamoxifen), and now anastrozole. This caused severe vaginal atrophy and very painful sex. I tried Mona Lisa Touch which worked so so and only temporarily, and ThermiVa which did nothing. Your product has changed the tissue and dramatically decreased the pain. I have to stick with Level 1 though because Level 2 doesn’t work as well. I have shared NeuEve with many friends and it has changed their lives too!! Thank you!!"



NeuEve Gold

Effect proved by a gynecologist doctor

This is a fabulous product that works better than any hormone based suppository and without the risks. My Gynecologist has tracked my progress over a three month period and is now telling other patients to give it a try.


Woman with a total hysterectomy

NeuEve vs. estrogen, side-by-side competition. Guess who won?

Amazing Real Results

I am 50 yr old and had a total hysterectomy due to severe endometriosis. About 3 months on the nose, I attempted intimate relations with my husband and it was the worst pain ever... Even worst then my very first time. My doctor gave me estrogen tablets to insert into my vagina and I also purchased Silk suppositories. I added a few other oral supplements and sex was great. Little to no pain. I ran out of the suppository and only had been using estrogen. Tried sex again, and the severe pain was back. Just stocked up on two boxes of Silk, no more estrogen and again, no pain with sex at all!!! We didn't even need lubricant. I am a customer for life.!! We did it 4 days straight!!! Hahaha.... Just being honest. That's huge for us!!! Buy it!


NeuEve Silver

Great product
This product works! I’ve tried estrogen cream in the past. This works much better than the prescription hormone estrogen cream. I had dryness and burning and it all disappeared. I love the silver which works for me. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

NeuEve Cream

Outstanding Product!
This is a miracle cream! After being on estrogen ointment for three months with no relief, I tried NeuEve. Within one week, I had relief from my symptoms. I highly recommend this product.


Melanie S.
NeuEve Silver

Excellent product
I am in my 10th year of post-menopause. Started having atrophy right away after menopause. Used estrogen cream for a while, until I realized it was harmful to me. Kind of “endured” the pain for years. Been on NeuEve for a year now and am thrilled to be almost atrophy-free. Highly recommend this product. Just wish it was cheaper.


NeuEve Silk

Now I can have a pap smear
My vaginal dryness is so severe that I am unable to have a pap smear. I tried estrogen vaginal cream but it aggravated my fibroid tumors and caused severe pain in my abdomen. After taking Nueve Silk Formula for a month I, now, feel confident that I can take the exam. It has also improved my sex life. My husband and I are now able to have intercourse, again, after going three years without it.


NeuEve Silk

I am 35 and am healing from an Autoimmune disorder. Along with Autoimmune came fertility issues. Vaginal Atrophy and low estrogen being one of them. I cannot use hormone-related products to help with the Atrophy, the hormones make my Thyroid levels drop immediately. So I researched and researched until I found this amazing product !!!! yay!!! My husband and I can have sex again…. We are seeing significant success after just 2 applications of the silk line. I plan on going through the whole lineup to GOLD !!!! Can't thank this amazing company enough!!!! I Love y'all! PS. Please no offense taken ….. you should get a more modern look to your package … I had skipped over it many times in my research because it looks like a 1990 styled douche package that has been sitting at the Dollar Store for a while. The outside needs to match the amazing product!


NeuEve Cream

Really works
I had to go off of estriol vaginal cream since my estrogen levels went up too high. The cream alone is working really well, in some ways better than the estriol cream, I can feel the dryness is gone, and also the vagina seems really healthier. It is a great product.

bluesinthenight f.
NeuEve Silk

It works for vaginal atrophy!
I developed vaginal atrophy after chemotherapy for breast cancer. Because of my breast cancer, I'm unable to use estrogen suppositories. I had despaired of ever having painless sex with my husband until I tried NeuEve. It works! I'm now able to have sex without pain or using other lubricants. It's nothing short of amazing. For those that complained of some discharge after use, I suggest using a panty liner. It's completely worth it. Insertion is easy with or without an applicator, but I suggest remaining lying down completely still for at least 15 minutes after insertion. I've found that even pulling on my panties can cause it to slip out. I also find it's best used when I go to bed, so it has all night to work its wonders. I'm 66 and have not been able to have painless sex in 15 years. This is a miracle. I plan to move on to the Silver Kit.


Amazon Customer

“This suppository is fantastic! I have had all the symptoms of menopause: dry, odor, and sexual pain. I have not had sex with my husband for years. The doctor prescribed vaginal estrogen suppositories, but they did not work for me. I used only 3 NeuEve’s suppositories and all my issues are gone. I feel great and can enjoy sex again. It has really saved my marriage.”


Amazon Customer

“I have been using the silver along with the cream…I love it! This has helped me more than anything that I have ever tried. I am switching to the gold in hopes that I will only have to use once per week. I will switch back to silver if it doesn’t work for me…..I had a hysterectomy nearly 20 years ago and have suffered from atrophy, BV, burning and itching associated with dryness. This all went away after one use!…I have tried vaginal estrogen, lubricants, vitamin E and nothing has helped until now. NeuEve is amazing…I cannot thank you enough!”


Amazon Customer

“Trust Me! This Really Works! I suffered from mild dryness and BV ever since I turned 50 now I’m 52. Estrogen patches and pills did not work for me but I was determined to find something since I am in a loving relationship with a 34 year old man! (need I say anymore…) I found this product 2 months ago and started with the silver since I was not having painful sex. I immediately noticed feeling lubricated from the inside out and I stayed that way for 5 days. Sex is beyond amazing and we make love twice a day sometimes more! So I decided to order the gold formula and had trouble receiving my package in fact I didn’t receive it. I called NeuEve customer service and who answers the phone? Dr. Chang herself the founder of this amazing product! She helped me track my product and when I still didn’t receive it she shipped me more free of charge. She also sent me a personal Email to check on me a few days ago to make sure I received it! Change your life and try this product as a nurse of 28 years, I have never experienced such a transformation ever!”


Amazon Customer

“I was really skeptical at first. I didn’t want to spend this much money and then if it did not work. But I was desperate. The doctors’ estrogen creams did not work anymore. I tried the hormone pellets and they worked great for about 4 years then it started back again. Nothing seemed to help. I was using the hormone cream daily and still no relief.
I went ahead and ordered the Gold. I wanted the strongest one. To my surprise, by the third day, all my symptoms were gone! I have used the product for 3 weeks now and am about to reorder. I use it once a week and the dryness, the itching, and the odor are gone! The only thing of course I wish the cost was less or they offered a discount if you got on auto-ship or bought a larger quantity.”

Amazon Customer

“I have used Neueve silk suppositories and cream for 2 months now and it has worked great! In the past, I have been on every estrogen product available with little relief. I finally have a sex life after 2 years and I am only 57 Thanks Dr. Chang another marriage saved.”


Angel J Guerra

Better than estrogen

IT REALLY WORKS! ITS AMAZING! I was really skeptical at first. I didn't want to spend this much money and then if it did not work. But I was desperate. The doctors creams did not work anymore. I tried the hormone pellets and they worked great for about 4 years then it started back again. Nothing seemed to help. I was using the hormone cream daily and still no relief.
I went ahead and ordered the Gold. I wanted the strongest one. To my surprise, by the third day all my symptoms were gone! I have used the product for 3 weeks now and am about to reorder. I use it once a week and the dryness, the itching and the odor are gone! The only thing of course I wish the cost was less or they offered a discount if you got on autoship or bought a larger quantity.


Amazon Customer

Effective, better than prescription replacement estrogen medications that are wildly expensive
Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2021
Verified Purchase
This is better than the expensive doctor prescribed estrogen replacements like Premarin and other estrogen products. Very pleased and don't need prescription. Safe ingredients. Works!

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