NeuEve vs. Replens® - Which vaginal moisturizer is better?

Replens® contains Sodium Hydroxide,
a highly toxic poison

Today, a customer asked us: "What is the difference between NeuEve and Replens®?"

Here is our response:

Thank you for reaching out to us! Replens® is a moisturizer made with petroleum based (not natural) chemicals. Below is their ingredients listed on its box or website:

The ingredients of Replens® include polycarbophil, mineral oil, hydrogenated palm oil glyceride, glycerine, carbomer homopolymer type B, sodium hydroxide and sorbic acid.

The side effects of polycarbophil are listed in this website:

Glycerine can suck water out of your tissues. Its side effects are listed below:

Sodium hydroxide: You do not need explanation. It is toxic chemical.

In general, a moisturizer can only give temporary relief for dryness. It cannot reverse atrophy. In fact, some may accelerate atrophy due to harmful chemicals like glycerine and sodium hydroxide.

On the other hand, NeuEve is all-natural formula for feminine care. It is made with all food-grade, FDA-approved natural ingredients with no side effects. It is not a moisturizer, not a lubricant. It rejuvenates women by nutritional supplementation. Customers of NeuEve said that it not only relieve dryness, but also atrophy. It works to relieve vaginal atrophy like calcium and vitamin D for reversing osteoporotic bones.

To date, the oldest woman who benefited from NeuEve is 86. Tens of thousands of women including many breast cancer survivors who cannot use hormones and Replens® (Replens® makes them feel burning pain) are using NeuEve to find relief.

Therefore, if you are looking for relief of vaginal dryness and atrophy, use NeuEve. Stay away from any products that use harmful chemicals.

Product ingredients taken from company websites, FDA 510(k) summaries and eCommerce websites (e.g., Replens® is a trademark and or registered trademark of Church & Dwight Co., Inc. This company is not involved in the production of, and does not endorse NeuEve. NeuEve is not affiliated with Replens® or Church & Dwight Co., Inc. in any way.


  • Ieva Manionyte

    Hello Darlene,

    The balm cream is our best selling product because it is the most effective, cost-efficient, and easy to use. One jar lasts 3-6 months. Some customers use it a tiny little bit at a time, so one jar may last for over 1 year.

    The most common error of using the product is overapplication. The balm cream is concentrated. You only need to apply a tiny little bit to have a positive effect, like a grain of rice size. Overapplication may cause irritation and discomfort.

    This article provides some good tips:

    I am using the Vulva balm cream for the first time. Can you please tell me where the vulva is?

    I encourage you to try the balm cream with a smaller amount each time. The combination of the cream and the suppository works well.

    Why do I need to add the NeuEve cream to the suppository?

    Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns,. wWe’ll be happy to help you!

    Best wishes,

    NeuEve Team

  • Darlene

    Using the silk suppository’s and the balm crème seems to make me burn, like I have and uti. Any suggestions? I do feel,like I have gotten some relief from the dryness, but the burning keeps me from using the product and also, does silk or the balm crème cause yeast infection?

  • Amy Allen

    I have been taking replens for a year now and I’m still having trouble with vaginal dryness and atrophy. I have been trying to find something else to help me. Water affects the dryness itching vaginal dryness worse I can’t keep spending all my money on things that don’t work. I’m low income but I’m desperate.

  • Andrea Bejarano

    I was on estrodial for three years taking lowest dosage. I stopped and doctor who gave me a D&C, recommended I take Replens. I have bee on it now for 3+ months. I do have some symptoms you cited …

  • Pamela Crafts

    I received my silver suppositories and cream yesterday. I used it for the first time last night. It gave me immediate comfort. It just felt good. None like I had ever used before and I have tried both prescription and over the counter. I am looking forward to this journey for a healthy vagina and hopefully being able to have intercourse again. Thank you!

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