Stephanie Prima with a heartfelt review of NeuEve

Holistic health mentor Stephanie Prima recently wrote about a heartfelt topic: her personal sexual health and how NeuEve has helped.

NeuEve is nothing short of brilliant!

Here's more:

"I’m creating this post to be as open and honest as I possibly can be about a topic that I have never yet heard anyone talk about. Doctors don’t even have a viable solution for this condition. So it’s scary to make myself this vulnerable. But I trust that my words will once again inspire others.

My condition reached a point where inserting anything was too painful and my partner didn’t want to inflict any more on me. While I was emotionally willing and wanting, my body simply couldn’t. For some women, these conditions can result in decreased sensations or libido as well. From this understanding, it’s no wonder so many women entering menopause have little sexual desire. They talk about hot flashes and weight gain, but the rest of the symptoms are simply too embarrassing to admit. I actually felt shame for my condition. I felt that I was letting my partner down and not participating as I wanted to.

The solution came to me in yet another internet search. This time I found the name for my condition. The symptoms of itching, dryness, atrophy, burning, and a foul, somewhat fishy odor are called vaginosis, and painful or uncomfortable sex is called dyspareunia.

The product I found that changed all this is NeuEve."

Please read her article: The Menopause Symptom that NO ONE Talks About

Stephanie Prima teaches classes about holistic health in Friday Harbor, Washington and also online.

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