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A fast, OB/GYN-approved and all-natural method of beating bacterial vaginosis - for good.
Vaginal suppositories for pre-menopausal or early-menopausal women under age 45 who don’t experience age-associated vaginal dryness. If you are over age 45, start with Silk or Silver instead.
  • Clears recurrent and chronic bacterial vaginosis, leaving you feeling comfortable, confident, and ready to rule the world
  • Ends vaginal itching, odor and discharge without any pesky side-effects
  • pH balancing to promote friendly bacteria and foster a healthy, happy vagina
  • No antibiotics and uses all-natural, food grade ingredients - if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, why use it down below?
  • Each pack contains three suppositories
  • Note: When you subscribe to BV Clear, you receive only 1 pack per month. If you have a severe type of BV, you may need multiple packs to clear it. It is recommended to purchase multiple packs of BV Clear first to clear your BV (You get a good discount for multi-item purchase). Then, you may subscribe to BV Clear for health maintenance to stop BV from coming back.
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Our ingredients are 100% natural: sustainable palm oil, organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, sunflower wax, organic tapioca starch, potato starch, evening primrose oil, organic sea buckthorn fruit oil, organic rose essential oil, organic orange oil, organic d-a-tocopherol (vitamin E), and a proprietary blend of nutrients.

NeuEve has never been tested on animals and does not contain animal products.

What is BV Clear?

BV Clear is an effective and natural way to get your feeling - and smelling - back to normal. Invented by a gynecologist, it clears persistent and one-off episodes of bacterial vaginosis (BV) faster than you can say “healthy vagina”. Our 100% natural and easy-to-insert vaginal suppositories quickly target the imbalance of bacteria in the vagina that causes BV, relieving you of those hideous symptoms of itching, odor, and discharge for good. Yippee! Surveys of our customers have shown 62% of women found relief from the symptoms of BV within just 24 hours, while 91% reported relief from BV after just one pack of BV Clear*.

*From a survey of 98 customers of whom 25 had new BV and 73 had recurrent BV.

If you have any of the following conditions/medications:

  • age: 45+
  • post-menopausal
  • breastfeeding
  • oral birth control pills
  • hormonal IUD
  • hysterectomy
  • cancer therapy
  • lichen sclerosus
  • Sjogren's syndrome 
  • polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • endometriosis

    Then: please read this article to choose the right product.  

    Warning: If you are over 45 or have any of the above conditions, you should not use the strong BV Clear formula because you may have vaginal atrophy, which makes you sensitive to treatment products. You may feel burning or strong irritation. There are at least 5 other milder products that you can use to clear BV safely for women of different ages without irritation. These are NeuEve Gold (<45), Silver (45-50), Silk (50-65), Balm Cream (45-70), and "Sensitive" suppositories and Balm Cream (>70). 

    We don’t want to blow our own trumpet too much, but BV Clear is the only product on the market that can stop BV in its tracks.

    It’s all down to the way BV Clear deals with friendly bacteria. Antibiotic treatments eliminate all naturally-occurring bacteria in the vagina. You might think this sounds like a good thing, but these treatments wipe out everything, including the friendly lactobacilli that keep you clean and healthy down below. So, when you stop using antibiotics, BV may well come back, or side effects such as yeast infections may appear.

    BV Clear works instead to foster a healthy balance of bacteria in your vagina. It restores friendly lactobacilli to routine levels and your body to its natural state of equilibrium. You’ll stay BV-free for the long haul.

    Want to celebrate the defeat of BV? You’re in luck: unlike antibiotic treatments, BV Clear has no harmful side effects when combined with alcohol. It’s also 100% natural and made from food-grade ingredients, which means it’s safe even if you’re breastfeeding, and for your sexual partner.


    Each BV Clear box includes three easy-to-insert vaginal suppositories.

    How to use BV Clear

    Depending on the severity of your BV, the days on which you take the suppositories will differ:

    You are using: Days to take each suppository: BV should clear by:
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
    One pack for mild BV Day 9
    Two packs for moderate BV Day 12
    Three packs for severe BV* Day 14

    *More frequent use of BV Clear can help you clear BV sooner. However, if you feel burning after using the first BV Clear suppository, you should not use it more frequently than once every 3 days. You can use it less frequently as detailed in this article, or you can cut a suppository into two halves and use one half every other day.

    You should not subscribe to BV Clear when you try to clear BV. You may need multiple packs of BV Clear for clearing BV especially if you have a severe case. The best option is to purchase multiple packs of BV Clear first. Then, after your BV is cleared, you may subscribe to BV Clear for maintenance to stop BV from coming back. 

    For best results and rapid clearance of BV:

    • Do not use it during your period; instead, wait until your period finishes before starting BV Clear.
    • Avoid sex while using BV Clear. Semen disrupts your vagina’s natural balance and may cause BV to return. If you do have sex, use non-latex condoms as BV Clear may weaken latex condoms, causing them to tear.
    • If you’re pregnant, speak to your health professional before using BV Clear.
    • If, after three packs, your BV is still not cleared, we suggest visiting a gynecologist for a lab test. This’ll confirm if it is BV, not yeast or other infection. If this indicates it is BV, your BV may be a stubborn case. You can try the extra-strength formula called BV Clear Finisher. It has been successful in clearing stubborn BV.

    How to insert a suppository

    • Remove the suppository from the packaging
    • Lie on your back, raise your knees, and gently insert the suppository with a finger. Push it into the vagina as far as it will comfortably go.
    • Relax, read a book, or stare at the ceiling in this same position for 15 minutes, or until the suppository melts. This will help absorption into the vagina.

    A quick note on that tingly feeling you might be experiencing:

    A mild burning or tingling sensation, discharge, or spotting are normal reactions to BV Clear and are more likely if you’re breastfeeding or using birth control pills. You’ll find these symptoms disappear when you finish your course of suppositories.

      What causes BV and how does BV Clear work?

      The healthy vagina

      A healthy vagina is home to a delicate balance of bacteria, including friendly lactobacilli, and exists in a natural state of equilibrium.

      What causes BV?

      There are plenty of things to blame for BV. Your period, antibiotics, over-washing, and even semen; all can disrupt your vagina’s natural balance. Lactobacilli are replaced by unfriendly bacteria, causing itching, a strong, fishy odor, and grey, watery discharge.

      What does BV Clear do?

      BV Clear beats BV by restoring balance to your vagina. Carefully selected nutrients support the re-growth of lactobacilli and - as if by magic - the symptoms of BV disappear. Goodbye discomfort, hello healthy, happy vagina!

      How many packs of BV Clear do I need?

      BV-free by day 9
      Mild BV

      You’ve never had BV before and haven’t tried any other treatments.

      Use 1 Pack of BV Clear.

      BV-free by day 12
      Moderate BV

      Your BV is recurrent and you’ve tried one other treatment, such as boric acid, tea tree oils, acid gels, or probiotic suppositories. Use 2 Pack of BV Clear.

      Use 2 Packs of BV Clear.

      BV-free by day 9
      Severe BV

      Your BV is recurrent and you’ve tried multiple treatments - including BV Clear, antibiotics, douching, and/or those mentioned above.

      Use 1 Pack of BV Clear Finisher, or 3 Packs of BV Clear.

      BV-free by day 12
      Highly Severe BV

      Your BV is recurrent and you’ve tried multiple treatments - including BV Clear, antibiotics, douching, and/or those mentioned above.

      Use 2 Packs of BV Clear Finisher.


      Once you’ve beaten BV, we recommend a suppository each week - excluding the week of your period - for a further three months.

      One pack per month of BV Clear or BV Clear Finisher.

      This’ll keep your vagina in tip-top condition and can help prevent further episodes of BV.

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      United States United States

      Finally! Something that works!

      *TLDR* - You may have to be patient, but it works! About 5 weeks after giving birth to my son and breastfeeding I developed BV. I tried using a vaginal antibiotic cream, a round of **** antibiotics, and boric acid suppositories to no avail. I was bound and determined to fix this annoying issue without giving up breastfeeding. After doing my own research I found NeuEve and thought I'd give it a try. I started with the Gold suppositories due to vaginal atrophy from breastfeeding. I used those for the recommended amount of time and then started using BV Clear after the Gold did not completely getting rid of the BV (although it helped!). I used BV clear for the recommended amount of time for a severe case and my symptoms were gone! I am now using it as maintenance and am keeping my fingers crossed that it stays gone! Customer service has been absolutely amazing and has answered every question I have had (there have been lots) and even recommended a probiotic suppository that would help restore my vaginal flora to maintain a healthy ph (VagiBiom - which has been great too!). I am so thankful I found NeuEve and wish health providers would be more aware of the products so they could recommend them to their patients.


      It really does help

      Let me tell you something. I had problems with bv AND yeast infection over the past 2 years and i have never had that much releif after using Neueve. Going to the doctors became so exhausting and they kept giving the same antibiotics. As someone who loves having intercourse with my partner whenever we please, this is a game changer. I TELL YOU!! Now there is some precautions you must take to prevent another episode ( which is not that hard ladies) such as: i only use cotton underwear, take a probiotic supplement every morning and gently wash the downstair department with a soft NO odor soap. I also noticed that when i hydrate more which leads to peeing more often, Bv is less likely to come back. There are probiotic suppositories but they used to burn the **** out of me but now i eat the gummy ones and nothing to say ever since. Now i havent been using the neueve supositories like they suggested because my period came in the mixed and they are unpredictable, so i do notice symptoms here and there but nothing alarming. Bv could come back, this is not a complete cure. For me, i think what works is taking one right after my periods and all is swell. Not kidding if your looking for an answer, this is it. Very happy discovering this THANK YOU

      United States United States

      Could not be more grateful

      I am so grateful for Dr. Chang developing this miracle product. I tried antibiotics - a very expensive one because I could not use flagyl, and it did not work. BV Clear worked in two courses. It not only resolved my BV but all the stress, worry, and self-consciousness that comes with it. Beyond pleased with this product.

      United States United States

      Miracle and so thankful

      Listen ladies, This product has saved my life! I was diagnosed with ureaplasma in May 2022 after suffering for three years from reoccurring BV. No other doctor had tested me for ureaplasma so for the past three years I was prescribed antibiotics for BV and it never worked. My *** life was full of pain and burning and I hated myself. In June 2022, After doing some research I found neu eve. I finished the round of antibiotics the doc gave me for the ureaplasma as I was taking them when I found out about this product. Once I finished the antibiotics, I started using BV clear. Ladies let me tell you…. All of my symptoms were gone within the first three days of taking this product! While on the antibiotics (I was also taking probiotics at the same time) I still felt symptoms of ureaplasma. Neu eve was my last resort before I went back to my doctor to tell her I still felt pain. When I went back to the doc she tested me for ureaplasma and I no longer had it! I am so excited and happy. I am now subscribed to neu eve and I don’t care about the cost. This product has literally saved my *** life. Thank you so much. Seriously!

      United States United States

      Bv clear

      Bv clear has been very refreshing and comfortable since I've used it only for one day so far and I just had to leave my 5 stars!!! Lynn is also always very helpful with any questions or concerns you may have! I love that they give great products and customer service its truly amazing! Thank you NeuEve and all the creators as well as staff for such excellence! Keep up the great work.


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