D-Mannose Supplements by Bulk Supplements
D-Mannose Supplements by Bulk Supplements

100 Capsules - 1 month supply
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D-mannose is a natural UTI defense tool for people experiencing frequent or recurrent urinary tract infections. D-mannose has been scientifically proven to defend against UTIs. It is a sugar that acts against harmful UTI-causing bacteria.

  • Significantly decreased bladder pain, burning, and urinary urgency
  • Over 5X less UTIs compared to taking nothing at all
  • Reduced antibiotic usage

Use D-mannose everyday to naturally defend against UTIs

Each box contains 100 gelatin pills 500mg, which is good for 25 days at 4x pills per day.

Experts agree that defense is the best solution for urinary tract infections: No more missed work from your UTIs, no more expensive antibiotics that upset your stomach.

D-mannose: a naturally occurring sugar found in fruit that helps cleanse your urinary tract and stop infection.

Leading urologists recommend taking daily d-mannose packets to significantly reduce your risk of developing a UTI.

How does D-mannose work?

When bacteria binds to d-mannose, it can’t bind to other sugars, causing the bacteria to detach from the urinary tract so it can be flushed out.

Daily hydration is also crucial in defense against UTIs and keeping harmful bacteria at bay, which is why it's recommended to take your daily d-mannose in addition to drinking 2.8 liters of water or more.

Studies show D-Mannose significantly decreases the risk of UTIs

Daily d-mannose packets have been developed by scientists and UTI sufferers who understand the importance of defense.

Daily d-mannose has been shown in clinical studies to significantly reduce your UTI risk: Women taking daily d-mannose got one UTI per year on average compared to women taking daily Macrobid antibiotics who experienced an average of 6 UTIs per year.

Why D-mannose?

Cranberry pills, juices, concentrations, and supplements like Ellura have not been proven in clinical studies like BulkSupplements has.

D-mannose from BulkSupplements is also less expensive compared to similar d-mannose packet products like Uqora.