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Today, Dr. Chang's interview with Ehealth Radio podcast was published!

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Here is a transcript of the podcast:

1. What are the major gaps in women's healthcare today, and is that what inspired you to create NeuEve?

Today, people live longer than before. Many new type of drugs, like Viagra, are developed, but they are mostly for men. The medical community and drug companies have paid less attention to women.

Vaginal atrophy after menopause is a common health issue. It affects many mid-aged women, especially breast cancer survivors. Today, vaginal atrophy is treated with estrogen, but it has cancer risk. Many women, especially cancer survivors, cannot use estrogen. Due to painful sex or unable to have intimacy, these women have decreased quality of life, and some lost marriages.

Another major health issue is bacterial vaginosis or BV. Major symptoms include fishy odor and discharge. It increases the risk for STDs, cervical cancer and pregnancy risks, such as miscarriage and birth defect. Today, BV is treated with antibiotics, but they are not always effective. A self-treatment is douching, but research found that douching can make BV worse. Medical doctors have advised women not to douche, but alternatives are lacking. Harmful douches are still in the market.

This has prompted me to create NeuEve.

2. What is NeuEve and how does it work?

NeuEve is a line of feminine care products. It includes suppositories and a cream. It is made with all natural, FDA-approved food-grade ingredients. It does not contain any drugs, chemicals and preservatives. It reverses vaginal atrophy by nutritional supplement, like calcium and vitamin D for bones. It clears BV by restoring vaginal ecology.

3. For vaginal atrophy, how does NeuEve compare to estrogen?

Both NeuEve and estrogen can reverse atrophy, but estrogen has many side effects. These include cancer, stroke and heart attack. NeuEve has no side effects. Many women reported that they had used estrogen for many years but still suffer from painful sex. After they switched to NeuEve, they have no more painful sex and feel like 20 years younger.

To date, more than 50,000 women with vaginal atrophy have used NeuEve and found relief. Based on customer’s reports, NeuEve is safer and more effective than estrogen. For women who cannot use estrogen, NeuEve provides a non-hormonal option.

4. For bacterial vaginosis, how does NeuEve compare to boric acid, douching, or antibiotics?

During BV, vaginal bacteria overgrow. Current methods treat BV by suppressing bacteria. These include antibiotics and antiseptics, such as boric acid. Douche flushes out bacteria. However, their effects are often temporary. After treatment stops, BV comes back. The reason is that BV is not a true infection, but an upset of vaginal ecology.

NeuEve clears BV, because it restores vaginal ecology. To explain ecology, let us use a pond as an example. If water in the pond is low, fish decreases and frogs overgrow. This is called ecological shift. Likewise, BV is an ecological shift. Good bacteria decrease, and bad ones overgrow. Antibiotics and antiseptics kill all bacteria. The vaginal ecology is still not balanced. But NeuEve feeds good bacteria and starves bad ones. As a result, it restores the vaginal ecology and clears BV.

To date, more than 10,000 women with BV have used NeuEve and found relief. Superior to other BV care products, NeuEve can stop BV from coming back.

5. I heard that breast cancer survivors and hysterectomy patients love NeuEve. Why is that?

Breast cancer treatments and hysterectomy procedures often include removal of ovaries. As a result, hormones diminish in these women. It causes vaginal atrophy. Symptoms include vaginal dryness, itching, burning, painful sex, and unable to have sex. Some women lost marriages. An effective treatment is estrogen, but these women cannot use it due to cancer risk. Some use moisturizers and lubes to find relief. But these jellies do not help relieve atrophy.

Since NeuEve is on the market, it has become a favorite among women who had breast cancer or hysterectomy. They are in desperate need of a nonhormonal option. Based on their feedback, NeuEve has helped them to reverse vaginal atrophy and regain sex drive. Some divorced women have reunited with their husbands. Hundreds of marriages have been saved.

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