Applicator for Vaginal Suppositories

Suppository Applicator, Reusable

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  • Using an applicator can help deliver the suppository deeper and avoid the suppository melt in the hand. Many customers use an applicator to help inserting suppositories.
  • It is designed specially for delivering the NeuEve brand vaginal suppositories. It is not guaranteed to work for other brand of suppository unless the size matches.
  • The internal diameter is 11mm or 3.5/8 inches.
  • Washable and reusable.
  • Made of plastic
  • It is designed for delivering suppositories, not for cream or tablet.
  • Rinse after each use


  1. Empty bowels and bladder.
  2. Wash your hands with soap and hot water.
  3. Remove the wrapper from the suppository.
  4. Place the suppository briefly into warm water just to moisten it.
  5. Place the flat end of the suppository into the applicator.
  6. Use vaginal moisturizer, cream or lubricant on both your vagina and the applicator to ease insertion.
  7. Lie on your back, raise knees and gently insert the applicator into the vagina as far as it will comfortably go.
  8. Press the plunger gently to release the suppository.
  9. Rinse after each using.

Tip: Use vaginal moisturizer, cream or lubricant to ease insertion.

Who Shouldn't Use the NeuEve Applicator?

For women over 65 or had cancer treatment, we do not recommend the NeuEve applicator.

We suggest you to use NeuEve Cream for about 1 month and then the NeuEve Silk for about 1-4 months to ease dryness. You can use your fingers to insert the suppositories.

Fingers are more gentle and easier to get a painless insertion. After your dryness is largely relieved, they can start using an applicator, if you want, for better delivery of the suppository.

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Which formula is right for me?

The right formula depends on age.

NeuEve Silk is milder than NeuEve Silver, and is designed for women with severe dryness and atrophy.

Tip: For women with advanced vaginal dryness, using Cream daily plus the Silk formula twice/week works well.

If intercourse is very painful or not possible or atrophy is severe, start with
                                  Silk formula. If intercourse is painful, or you have BV, start with the Silver formula.

Frequently Asked Questions: How do I select the right NeuEve suppository formula?

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NeuEve Vaginal Suppositories help alleviate symptoms of vaginal dryness, atrophy, and BV
NeuEve Cream is a natural vaginal moisturizer that helps with vaginal itching
Difference between Silk, Silver, and Gold Formulas
Silk (Mild) Silver (Advanced) Gold (Expert)
Effect Mild Moderate Strong
Suitable for Recovery Recovery & Maintenance Maintenance
Each lasts 3-4 days 5-6 days 7-8 days
Supplies per Month 8 6 4
Ordering à la carte
8 suppositories

4.0 Stars on Amazon 4 stars
Amazon Reviews of NeuEve Silk
NeuEve Assorted Formulas (1 month supply)
7 suppositories
(4 Silks, 2 Silvers, 1 Gold)

3.8 Stars on Amazon 4 stars
Amazon Reviews of NeuEve Assorted Formulas
4 suppositories

3.6 Stars on Amazon 4 stars
Amazon Reviews of NeuEve Gold
For first time buyers, please read THIS
If you have severe dryness, you
should order the mild Silk formula first.
NeuEve Suppository Applicator

Makes the use of suppositories easier

Made of plastic

Rinse after each use

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NeuEve Silk Formula
8 suppositories
$49.75 per month
NeuEve Silver Formula
6 suppositories
$49.75 per month
NeuEve Gold Formula
4 suppositories
$49.75 per month

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