How to Overcome Painful Vaginismus Effectively and Safely?

What is vaginismus?

Vaginismus is a condition with painful spasmodic contraction of the vagina in response to physical contact or pressure (especially in sexual intercourse). When a woman has vaginismus, her vagina’s muscles squeeze or spasm when something is entering it, like a tampon or a penis. It can be mildly uncomfortable, or it can be painful.

What are the symptoms?

Painful sex is often a woman’s first sign that she has vaginismus. The pain happens only with penetration. It usually goes away after withdrawal. Many women who have vaginismus also feel discomfort when inserting a tampon or during a doctor’s internal pelvic exam.

What causes it?

Doctors don’t know exactly what causes vaginismus. It’s often associated with anxiety and fear of having sex. Past traumas or painful sex might or overly sensitive nerves may contribute to the cause.

Current treatments are palliative

  • Kegel exercises: squeezing muscles you use to stop the flow of urine when urinating.
  • Botox: a nerve toxin to reduce the sensitivity of the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Lidocaine: a pain-killer to numb the vaginal tissue.
  • Psychological therapy and antidepressants: to control anxiety.
So far, most of these treatments are palliative remedies that do not provide a long-term cure.

NeuEve: A natural remedy for vaginismus

Since its inception 7 years ago, NeuEve has helped >100,000 women with painful sex to find relief. These include hundreds of women with severe vaginismus who have tried all methods or products under the sun without effect. So far, the success rate of NeuEve in relieving symptoms of vaginismus has been near 100%. Although it is unknown what the exact mechanism is, the good news is that NeuEve provides a safe, effective, and rapid relief to women with vaginismus. A combination of two self-treatment methods can help you heal vaginismus easily and successfully:

1. Topical nourishment

Without abundant collagen and elastin fibers, the vaginal skin tissue is weak, lacks elasticity, and sensitive to stretches. An overstretch can often trigger muscle contraction and spasms, causing persistent pain associated with vaginismus. Topical nourishment can enrich these fibers and improve the durability and elasticity of the skin, making it more resistant to stretch. The process is like putting nutrient cream on the face to smooth wrinkles, making the thin and fragile skin more elastic and resilient.
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NeuEve suppository Silk formula
NeuEve products are for self-treatment of vaginal atrophy. They deliver skin-rejuvenating nutrients, like vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids.  They promote the growth of collagen and elastin fibers in the thinned vaginal skin. NeuEve has three levels of suppositories and one cream. You can start with the combination of a suppository and cream for a speedy recovery:
NeuEve vulva balm cream
For the suppositories, you can start with level 1, Silk. Then, after 1 month, move up to level 2, Silver, and ultimately, after another month, move up to level 3, Gold. Insert a suppository intravaginally following instructions on the box. Apply the NeuEve Cream a tiny bit (a dime size) daily on the external vulva. To make weak skin more resilient takes time. It may take 1-4 months depending on how severe your condition is.

2. Dilation exercise

While you are using NeuEve, you can do the dilation exercise to speed up the recovery. Dilation is another self-treatment method for vaginismus. You might have seen handicapped people sitting in a wheelchair with thin legs. Their leg muscles shrink after disusing. If one day they can stand up, they must do walking exercises to grow back their leg muscles. This means that exercise is important and useful. Physically stretching the skin promotes its elasticity and durability. It is done by promoting the synthesis of elastin and collagen. Dilation with a set of dilators can help strengthen weak skin. Dilators are not our products. You can find a set of dilators from this link www.neueve.com/dilators.
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Magnetic dilators of VuvaTech
Once you are on the product webpage, you can click the yellow “Learn More” button. It will lead you to the VuvaTech website. We recommend magnetic dilators. Magnets in the dilator may help draw more blood flow to the target skin and help it to grow thicker. You can start from a small-sized dilator and do dilations twice a day (morning and evening) and 20 minutes each. After 1 week, you may move up a size. Once you move up to the largest size without pain, your skin will be strong enough to endure the stretch caused by sex. You may no longer experience the pain due to muscle contraction and spasms caused by vaginismus. Tips about using dilators: 1) Prevent overstretching injuries. It is understandable that one may wish to move up the sizes quickly or to try the largest sized dilator first to get a more rapid recovery. However, it may be counterproductive. Moving up the dilator sizes too quickly or skipping sizes can cause overstretching injuries. The recovery of vaginal atrophy is a slow process. Please do not skip the sizes and try the largest dilator first. Please be patient and do the exercise with a stepwise increment to avoid possible overstretching injuries. 2) Preventing UTI. Physically, dilation exercise is like sexual intercourse. The penetration movement can mobilize bacteria normally on the skin into the bladder to cause UTI. You will need to pee immediately after each exercise to prevent UTI. Urination can flush out any bacteria that entered the bladder during the dilation exercise. Therefore, drinking a lot of water before exercise helps build up the urinating flushing pressure and prevent UTI.

About the author

Dr. Renjie Chang's medical and pharmaceutical experience:
- OB-GYN in the Peking Union Hospital in China
- a faculty member of OB-GYN at University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
- drug developer at the Abbott Laboratories in Chicago
- Founder of Lavax, Inc, where she developed an innovative vaginal microbicide for preventing sexually transmitted disease with grants from NIH and Gates Foundation
- Founder of NeuEve, an all-natural women's health company


  1. After I had my second child my vagina is not the same and my marriage is about to fall and all.everytime I’m going to get penetration my vagina get tense and I get anxiety and pain ,I squeeze his penis so hard even without knowing push him out .any advice please

      1. I am married from 2 years and still virgin because I am scared from pain. I tried topicaine 5 numb cream and Emla 2.5% numb cream but doesn’t worked. Please advise something

  2. Help i’m a virgin and want to have sex with my boyfriend but every time we try it either wont go in or is way too painful. I’ve tried everything i dont know what to do. It puts a strain on the relationship partially. I’m 21 and feel it should have happened by now. Please help me

  3. Yara,
    If pain and bleeding don’t get better, you can slowly stretch your hymen tissue with your fingers over time to make it less painful. In rare cases, you may need to see a doctor for a small procedure to open their hymen.
    Another reason is vaginismus. Please read more about vaginismus, NeuEve helped many women.
    Best wishes.
    Dr. Chang

    1. The past 5 times my boyfriend and I have tried to have sex, my vagina is too tight for him to enter. I am aroused and have tried to use lubricant, but nothing helps. It doesn’t hurt and I’m not a virgin and have never had this problem before. This is a very sudden change and I don’t feel anxious about having sex either. I had a pelvic exam two weeks ago and the doctor said everything was normal, but this was before this problem came up. Could this be vaginismus or a different problem?

      1. Hi Madison,
        Thanks for reaching out!
        Yes, it is vaginismus: painful spasmodic contraction of the vagina in response to physical contact or pressure (especially in sexual intercourse).
        Many women with vaginismus used NeuEve and felt relief. Hope this helps!

  4. Hi I am 34 and haven’t had sex. I am married and so far my husband has been understanding, but he is getting agitated now! I don’t want to use anything that is not safe as we plan to have a baby soon. If there is any way to fix this issue of me not being able to have sex? Please help!!!

  5. I am married for two months now and whenever I try to have sex with my husband I feel tensed and push him away and that really pisses him off so I don’t know wat to do

  6. I am eighteen years old, and I have had two sexual partners where I haven’t been able to fully enjoy sex because of a tightening feeling, which has even caused me to wonder if i have even had sex. I have been looking into the Vaginismus and I can draw parallels to my own situation and the condition. I now feel uncertain what to do.

  7. I have been trying so hard to have sex. We try all the time! But I can’t do it!! I always beg for him to pull out before we can even get it a quarter of the way. It hurt so bad and I end up bawling each and every time…what do I do…?

  8. Good afternoon. Everytime I have intercourse, it hurts. It hurts only when my bf inserts. After sex I experience burning sensation.

  9. Hi I am 31 and haven’t had sex. I am married from last 02 years and so far my husband has been understanding, but he is getting agitated now! my vagina is too tight for him to enter. I am aroused and have tried to use lubricant, but nothing helps. It is really painful.Help i’m a virgin and want to have sex with my pattner but every time we try it either wont go in or is way too painful. I’ve tried everything i dont know what to do. Pls help

    1. Hi Isha, I’m sorry that you’re going through this. Please try NeuEve Gold and vaginal dilators. Vaginismus is a spasm. NeuEve contains nutrients that help feed your tissues so they will spasm less.

  10. Hello..I am 70 years old.I have not had sex for at least 10 years..my husband died..I did not think I would ever want to have sex with anyone.so I did nothing after menopause .now an old flame is back..sexwith him was amazing.now it is so so painful an I keep tensing an pushing him out.this may be my last chance to do this. I want it..very much.he is being patient,but I am not.i have tried everything, short of rape…I really want to have incredible sex once more before I die.please help this old woman.he is 15years my junior.

      1. I’ve always enjoyed sex with my boyfriend for the past three months sex has been hell 😭😭😭super painful it doesn’t seem to get any better despite all the medications. I am tired and frustrated

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