Vaginal Dryness and Atrophy

Cause of Vaginal Dryness and Atrophy

Vaginal dryness commonly occurs when estrogen decreases during and after menopause. Although it is not a disease, the dryness can negatively affect women’s quality of life. Vaginal dryness may cause itching, burning, swelling and discomfort, and is associated with pain during sex and increased frequency of urination. Vaginal dryness is often associated with odor because decreased secretion hampers the vaginal natural cleansing mechanism, resulting in overgrowth of the bad bacteria associated with BV. After years of vaginal dryness, the vagina will become severely atrophic, and will be difficult to recover. Therefore, addressing the dryness issue early will help delay the occurrence of atrophy.

Relief of Vaginal Dryness and Atrophy

Three groups of products are available for relieving vaginal dryness: lubricants, moisturizers and estrogen. Lubricants and moisturizers do not need prescriptions, but they only address symptoms, not the cause, like waxing drying leaves of a plant without watering its root. Vitamin E is a placebo because vaginal dryness is not caused by Vitamin E deficiency. It is the oil that dissolves the vitamin works as a lubricant. The same effect can also be achieved by applying olive oil. Although estrogen addresses the cause, the concentrated estrogen formula requires prescription and potentially increases cancer risk. Many women, especially cancer survivors, are reluctant to use estrogens. Overall, none of these products for dryness can clear feminine odor, which often exists in women experiencing vaginal dryness.

How does NeuEve work?*

Menopause also causes osteoporosis, but it is reversible without estrogen. Calcium and vitamin D can do it. Likewise, vaginal atrophy should also be reversible without estrogen. Our product NeuEve can do it because NeuEve provides nutrients for the vaginal tissue as does calcium and vitamin D for bones.

Before a woman reaches menopause, her vagina is moisturized by mucus glands. After menopause, estrogen reduces, the vaginal gland dries, and the mucosa shrinks. Estrogen can control these glands, but the glands can also be activated by other things.

Let us look at dry eyes as an example. When tear glands shrink with aging, eyes dry. People often use artificial tears to find relief, but the effect wears off quickly. It is better to revive dried tear glands, which provide auto-lubrication 24/7. Tear glands can be activated centrally by deep sorrow or locally by cutting an onion. But onion smells bad. It would be nice if a rose could be used as the tear stimulant.

We have found the “rose” for reviving dried glands in women. This is the secret of NeuEve. Due to revival of mucus-secreting glands, the vaginal mucosa is auto-lubricated and moisturized 24/7. Many women using NeuEve report reversal of atrophy. We use “rose” to represent NeuEve because it clears up odor by restoring vaginal ecology. Women smell fresh and feel rejuvenated after using NeuEve.*

Which formula is right for me?

The right formula depends on age.

NeuEve Silk is milder than NeuEve Silver, and is designed for women with severe dryness and atrophy.

Tip: For women with advanced vaginal dryness, using Cream daily plus the Silk formula twice/week works well.

If intercourse is very painful or not possible or atrophy is severe, start with
                                  Silk formula. If intercourse is painful, or you have BV, start with the Silver formula.

Frequently Asked Questions: How do I select the right NeuEve suppository formula?

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NeuEve Vaginal Suppositories help alleviate symptoms of vaginal dryness, atrophy, and BV
NeuEve Cream is a natural vaginal moisturizer that helps with vaginal itching
Difference between Silk, Silver, and Gold Formulas
Silk (Mild) Silver (Advanced) Gold (Expert)
Effect Mild Moderate Strong
Suitable for Recovery Recovery & Maintenance Maintenance
Each lasts 3-4 days 5-6 days 7-8 days
Supplies per Month 8 6 4
Ordering à la carte
8 suppositories

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Amazon Reviews of NeuEve Silk
NeuEve Assorted Formulas (1 month supply)
7 suppositories
(4 Silks, 2 Silvers, 1 Gold)

3.5 Stars on Amazon 4 stars
Amazon Reviews of NeuEve Assorted Formulas
4 suppositories

3.5 Stars on Amazon 4 stars
Amazon Reviews of NeuEve Gold
For first time buyers, please read THIS
If you have severe dryness, you
should order the mild Silk formula first.
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NeuEve Silk Formula
8 suppositories
$49.75 per month
NeuEve Silver Formula
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$49.75 per month
NeuEve Gold Formula
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