Where can I buy NeuEve?

Is NeuEve at Walgreens, CVS or Walmart?

NeuEve is not sold at Walgreens, CVS, or Walmart.

NeuEve is sold only online at:

The benefit of buying on NeuEve.com is that it is slightly cheaper, and you can subscribe or buy 4 boxes for only $49.75 per box, and get free shipping.

The benefit of buying on Amazon is that Amazon will generally ship it faster.

Physical stores where you can buy NeuEve:

About the author

Dr. Renjie Chang's medical and pharmaceutical experience:
- OB-GYN in the Peking Union Hospital in China
- a faculty member of OB-GYN at University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
- drug developer at the Abbott Laboratories in Chicago
- Founder of Lavax, Inc, where she developed an innovative vaginal microbicide for preventing sexually transmitted disease with grants from NIH and Gates Foundation
- Founder of NeuEve, an all-natural women's health company


  1. I am 59 years old and I have been using Yuvafem for the last 2 years. I am concerned about the possible side effects and also the rising costs of this medication which is not covered by my Blue Shield Insurance. Even though I found and online discount coupon, it has almost doubled in price since I began using it. I initially paid about $116 for a 3 month supply and now I pay about $200.
    I just found your site while researching a lower price for my next 3 month supply on the internet.
    I am at my wits end trying to understand what to do about this condition.
    Can you enlighten me? I feel completely lost and taken advantsge of by the whole medical system.

  2. Hi Debbie, can you clarify for me what condition you’re trying to resolve? Are you using Yuvafem for menopause discomforts and vaginal dryness?

    NeuEve can help!

      1. Please can you tell me when you will be able to ship to Australia again? Life with COVID is depressing enough without the help of NeuEve. 🙁

  3. Hello,I am 44 and just had a hysterectomy and sacrocolpopexy. I have my ovaries. My Surgeon prescribed estradiol cream to restore vaginal walls because of surgery. I do not have menopausal symptoms at this time but need to keep my walls thick and plump because mesh was used in my surgery.The estridol cream is giving me horrible side effects. Which vaginal cream would you suggest?

    1. Dear Nicole: At 44 with hysterectomy, you can start with NeuEve Silver suppository. After 1-2 months, you can move up to the NeuEve Gold for routine maintenance. NeuEve is all-natural and hormones free. It works by nutritional supplements like the nutrient facial cream for smoothing wrinkles. It can stop and reverse vaginal atrophy without any side effects. Best wishes!

  4. Hello,
    Five years ago, I underwent 3 brain surgeries. I survived. I am 59 years old. Since then, sex is exceptionally painful. This puts strain on my marriage. My ob gyn stated my vaginal atropy/dryness symptoms are due to menopause. I tried suppositories from my ob gyn, but no success. I don’t want another surgery or to take estrogen. I prefer a more natural approach and less side effects. Hopefully, your product will work great to alleviate undue pain and stress! Which neueve product would you suggest I use?
    Please help!
    Thank you

    1. Hi Cyndi,

      The chart for determining which product to use is here: https://www.neueve.com/which_formula

      Since you are 59 years old, you should start with the NeuEve Silk and NeuEve Cream. We started our company to help with painful sex and remove strains on marriages! NeuEve has worked for thousands of women and we are confident we will help in your case too.

      Let us know if you have any other questions!

  5. I have severe UTI,s and about 4-5 times a year. My Dr. Told me about this product , but I don’t have dryiness. So do you think this is what I need, What would you recommend. Ty

  6. Hello, I am experiencing dryness and it feels like hot knives during intercourse
    I just started vagifem but am worried about side effects- it was effective in making intercourse more comfortable though am not keen to continue usage
    Will Neweve help with this?

  7. I have vaginal atrophy and vaginal stenosis. Sex is extremely painful and there is not much penetration. I was using Premarin vaginal cream and it worked, but it’s so expensive and now my insurance doesn’t cover it, plus I’m worried about extended usage after 3 years. Will this help?

  8. Hello, i am 51 years old and i have been having vaginal problems (Lichen Sclerosis) for the past few years now and have been going to the Dr’s to get it treated. It’s been really flaring up lately and it makes intercourse painful. I do have an appointment to see the dr. but it’s not soon enough. i was looking to maybe purchase this, the Neueve product for now until i see the Dr. It’s a little expensive but. Which do you reccommend and should this help? i don’t even think this will come soon enough but we’ll see.
    Thank you!

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